River addon v2012.09.02

Release Notes

- Added: Latest Members module

- Added: Latest Groups module

- Added: Sidebar setting - choose left or right sidebar

- Added: Link to Plugin settings - admins only

- Fixed: Ajax riverlist bug

  • I like this plugin is great, but I am having the same issue as I had with the previous versions of this plugin :(

    When I enable Do you want to display Owner menu in sidebar? then menu does not show only blank showing there even if I move that to left or right.. Only Avatar shows but the menu under Profile Avatar does not show :(

    I am using Elgg 1.8.8 with default theme and fully fresh installation..

    (Done lots of time installation :)

  • are you still using river_activity_3C at the same time?  you need to turn other plugins except this, i bet one of your other plugins is causing an issue.

  • @kissss river addon is tested on localhost and online with Elgg 1.8.8 without problems.

    Please deactivate extra plugins if you have any, and see how it works. You could also try to run upgrade.php,


  • Dear friends, as i said I did a new installation of Elgg, only this is the first plugin I installed there are no more plugins on my site. No custom theme nothing... Only fresh Elgg 1.8.8 with default theme and this plugin but have that issue :(

    I did run upgrade too :(

  • probably a silly question, but do you have the core plugins activated?  ie, blogs, messages, etc.....


  • this version has fixed the ajax issue i was having with group rivers.. 
    i am seeing the following now:

    missing language tags in the admin side for left and right sidebar placement,
    and for river_addon:label:latest:groups and river_addon:label:latest:members.

    latest groups and latest members widgets do not display on river page..

    i set friends to display on the left and it appears on the right.

    the group membership widget has no message displayed when empty.. (maybe that is a core issue).
    one like 'you have not joined any groups yet' - with a link to the groups page, would work well.

    there's no option to disable the 'info' box; that would help me as i dont need it.


    thanks again

  • i also have a big list of browser errors in chromium, where the ajax is attempting to reload images from the river feed and the urls have extra slashes in them:
    e.g. http:////mysite.com//_graphics//file.png 

  • ah, the admin layout issues were resolved (and strangely also the language tags) when i moved the 'activity_tabs' plugin above the river_addon plugin in the plugin list. 

  • I turned off the older River Addon, deleted it, loaded this new one and I am getting poor layouts, either nothing shows in righthand column and/or widgets dont all show in left column either. Running flush caches and upgrade.php. Do you think it is conflicting with HypeAlive somehow? Your last River Addon worked as designed, this one is bugging out and I don't know why.

  • @ura I see you got some of your issues solved. Does latest groups and latest members still not show up?

    The friends error will be fixed, and infobox on/off will be added.

    @TahoeBilly start.php has been modified quite heavily, but if you used the plugin prior to this version, running upgrade.php should make it work. Layout has not been changed.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-5-24
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