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Added: real-time (ajaxed) updates to the river.

Ismayil Khayredinov showed the method to add real-time (ajaxed) updates to the river through his hype plugins, thank you.

  • yes, i had activated hypealive and hype framework and sounds and events previously..
    then uninstalled sound and events..
    then deactivated hypealive and kept the framework active. the infinite scroll remained.
    when i deactivated the framework the scroll was replaced by pagination buttons.

    not sure why the framework is maintaining that feature on its own. 

  • i might have some look inside that Frmrk's innards ;oO kooriuss ;) ++ FrmrkCode is challenge to read !

  • Can Do ! ;-P + Also 4 later @ 'our' NexGen Theming ;-X
    are those widgets @now foreign widgets ?
    & what are they ?moare 'code' !;-P


  • lolz michele:- user perpective is what you are doing very well ;-) 
    english is not a problem for me.. only 1% of them time;P 
    what free stuff ??
    NexGeN is planned to be... LOLZ @ $0..
    I'm getting too old to work full-time soon !
    so that that comment above serious;
    and btw i *know the code behind this PlugIn..
    Do you wonder how and why ??
    & for  Me ? I have *only donated out so far
    to some places 1st @StreetChildren UK.
    some 4 years backkk - thru & b/c Elgg.
    Quesn was = which widgets u got 4 River AddOn ?

  • @Michele Not sure I understand what you suggest. I know a multi-select menu, but do you suggest a multiselect menu, instead of how you select now, or something else?

  • i think he just wants tabText as another content option to select for the elgg_extend_view @ front page ;-)

  • oh, i was just reminded.. another great addon for the river is the group selector dropdown.. i made a plugin for that for 1.7 here. so that the river displays just for specific groups that you choose via a dropdown.
    adding that to this plugin would be very helpful. :) 

  • wiki does- if spelt correctly - my name got misspelt try 'wiki dhruva' ;-)

  • @Michele I've never thought of adding all widgets. It seems like a little too much - activity, blogs, files, etc. But thanks, interesting idea though.

    @ura soul Why, don't you just upgrade the plugin?

  • i am needing to focus on healing me for various reasons and desire to code as little as possible.

    elgg seems to have evolved to a point where the various features of popular plugins are merging and will probably eventually be in the core code so i'd prefer the feature to be included in a plugin or core, rather than keep revisiting and updating it every few months as core changes. my plugin originally had autodash in it and that is now essentially in river-addon.. so it makes sense to me to addon to the addon.

  • what yr (<20 lines)? code look like ?

  • from memory and a quick look at the nav.php file, i grabbed the sql query code from the 1.7 group river widget and combined it with elgg's group searching functions to populate the river based on that.

    i think maybe about 60 lines because the query spanned about 20+.

    no doubt it could be done much more cleanly with the updated core and someone who knows the code more than i do. 

  • hmm shudda axed this instead - whats plugin name / link @elgg for that ?

  • I browsed thru the code in that auto-riverdash-with-group-selector-dropdown ;-). I guess you were a little very new to Elgg when you coded that ;-oO The style is not the way I've learnt to code with Elgg since version 1.0 ;P Elgg.1.7 had same API to support river filtering as 1.8 does now. It will cost far less effort to code specific group filtered selection from total scratch than to re-factor *that PlugIn's logic and code. Elgg was meant to be mucho easier to code with. Suppose - that means neither Gillie (he also codes good Elgg;) nor I will be looking @ adding that PlugIn's code into RiverAddOn 1.8 anytime too soon or later...

  • However - my personal need is to display Activity limited to the LoggedIn User's Groups *only so that the River becomes more controlled, closed, private.. more significant. People who are not in a particular Group have got no business knowing what's going on inside there ;) do they ?

  • that's what the code does as i recall, displays group activity for the groups that the logged in user is a member of.

    yes, the code is just hacked together, not following any standards. 

  • lolz ;-oO;X reminds me of some plugin someone released here @elgg recently - they coded appprox *700 lines of php to do what I coded in about **8 lines - strange but true ;-o) i guess the lawd made it all to be different.. such is the omnifariousness enjoyment in this cosmos !

  • " There is no right way to do the wrong thing "

  • perfection is ever present and evolving, thus cannot be attained, it never left -was only obscured by 'the good delusion'

  • I have HypeAlive and River Addon running, the comments seem to work I don't see a conflict. Is there something I am missing?

  • Gillie whate about a recommend friends and groups widget in the right column?

  • @Tahaoh: what is a 'group widget' ?? 
    you have *details of what the invite friends widget will do for you ?
    and... didya read as Gillie saud a cpl days backk =
    " never thought of adding all widgets. It seems like a little too much.. " ?
    fromyour specs - it does
    start to sound like you want *everything as widgets
    on the front-page ;-) don't think there's quite enough space there ;(
    you'l end up with ONE humumooongousssss front-page lozl ;-)

  • Thank you for your comments and suggestions for improving the river addon, it's much appreciated.

    I think that the idea of widgets belong in a completely different plugin. The idea of the river addon modules is to show the links, perhaps with very short texts, in order to highlight and link to content on the site, not to show the actual content.

    Newest Members and Newest Group will be added and maybe tabtext. I'll ask Matt if he has the time to help with that one.

  • aha.. this plugin extends the river to have multiple custom tabs, including ones for groups.
    which kind of does what i am looking for:


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