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Added: real-time (ajaxed) updates to the river.

Ismayil Khayredinov showed the method to add real-time (ajaxed) updates to the river through his hype plugins, thank you.

  • the real time (ajaxed) updates to the river are for wire posts are everything?  what exactly get the real time update?


  • @costakisc I updated the description above to clarify. All new river items will appear in the river without page reload.

  • I use my own custom 3 column layout that is ajaxed and saw the not about ajaxed through hype plugins and was just wondering if it was something different/special.  I did download and check it out though, nice plugin, i recommend for those who want an ajaxed river, great job

  • Yes I tested workes great. I am using 3 column activity plugin the sad thing is I can see double river posting on the top of my home page? How I can just show this plugin river activity?

  • @kiss, think what you are saying is that you are using river activity 3C plugin?  you are seeing the wire post twice because you have wire posts turned on in both plugins, the 3C plugin and the river addon plugin, try turning off the wire posts in 3C.  its kinda redundant to use both the 3C plugin and the river addon, you should either customize the river addon to your liking or pull the ajax out of it and put it in the 3C plugin.


  • @kiss I think costakisc is right, you should use only one of the river extention plugins, no need to use both.

  • @gillie and costakisc Thank you so much for the reply and suggestion. I like 3C as well coz has lots of featuers in there but I like this plugin too because this is fully ajax and very smooth to use, users would feel more comfort.

    I wish if 3C can also become fully ajax.

    Many thanks all my friends for your prompt replies.


  • 3C can be fully ajaxed, doesnt even take much time, just compare the codes from both and do a little mixing and matching.........other than themeing difference the plugins are very similar as far as coding,

  • Please help see this anyone has the same issue?

  • Hiya

    Great plugin, really like it.

    Unfortunately, I'm experiencing a problem with AJAX, where a group activity module is being updated to show all activity on the site. Is this occuring for others?

    Also I'm noticing strange interplay between this and infinite scroll, where infinite scroll can't find more items in the list than the default (20?) when this plugin is in place.

    Any suggestions gratefully received!



  • @Nick Scott

    Could you elaborate, please?

    ......where a group activity module is being updated to show all activity on the site.

    I did try infinite scroll myself (on a clean elgg installation) but it did not work. When I clicked the load more button I see, "You've reached the end of the list....".

    So are you sure infinite scroll works without river addon activated?

  • Hiya

    Yep, I tested infinite scroll without river addon and it works fine.

    For the group activity - in the group activity widget on a group profile page, when the page first loads it shows correctly (all activity within that group). However it is shortly thereafter reloaded and in the place of group activity, the whole site river is shown. Does that make sense?



  • r u talking of the river activity page or the group profile page displays ?

  • The group profile page activity widget

  • post screenshots of your before (good) and after (bad) data displays.

  • @Nick

    I think infinite scroll and river addon overrides the same file. So you might need to choose one or the other.

    Group activity (nice spotted, thanks) try this,

    Open js/river.php and change var riverList,

    var riverList = $('#elgg-river-main');

  • Perfect, sorted that problem. A shame both this and infinite scroll can't be used for the time being, both are great for sorting out flow at both ends of the river - this addon for the top, the infinite scroll for the bottom!

  • thanks for the update.. 
    i have this working in conjunction with some kind of plugin that has activated infinite scroll on the river, i'm not sure which one it is though.. i've looked through the list of what i have activated and none of them obviously add an infinite scroll.. it is working with river-addon though..

    what i am desirous of is the integration of the ajax comment system that hypealive has.. hypealive replaces the standard comments in the dbase with its own system as far as i am aware, so its not really well integrated with elgg. 

    are you considering integrating the ajax effects into the comments too gillie? that would be excellente! :)

  • i just found webgalli's ajax comments plugin, which does what i needed, so the solution is already with us. :)

  • @ura Glad you found a useful plugin, hype alive adds a little more finesse though, too bad it is not a standalone plugin. Not sure I'm going to implement ajax comments in river addon.

    If you locate the origin of your infinite scroll, please let me know, because infinite did not work for Nick.

  • hey ya'll hype stuff is v-e-r-y good plugins and i agree wiht what gillie has just said about 'standalone' usability. it is q. unfortunate that hype plugins are based on the hype 'framework' - i studiesdthe internals of one hype plugin and it's relations/dependence on the framework. none of those plugins which require can ever work standalone and to try to re-factor any single one plugin to perform standalone will require an awesome effort unless you can read his mind ;-P last time i tried such a re-factoring to customize.. i ended up advising the client to choose some other plugin insetad ;oO;X;P pity..! because IK does otherwise write somewhat rather good programming-wise smart-like functionalities.


  • i like hypes stuff, i use several plugins, but am afraid that because of the way hypealive overrides i am going to have to find an alternative.  it removes the ability of even the admin to delete items from the river activity.

  • the infinite scroll is in hype's plugins.. i disabled hype alive and the scroll feature remains. only when i disabled the hype framework did it cease.

  • @uras: 'when i disabled the hype framework did it cease.' - you *do mean the framework only ? and not any dependent plugins ?

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