River addon v2012.07.12

Release Notes


  • Updated to Elgg 1.8.8
  • Added: friends module title now link to friends page
  • Added: friends online module
  • Added: friends online setting
  • Improved: plugin settings page
  • Changed: order of settings
  • Wow great plugin, I tested works fine on 1.8.8 elgg, I am using default theme of elgg but my question is in river why there is no any option to reply in comments? is someone is posting on river , other users can't reply to the post, there is no comment button onlt users can post comments in reiver when someone uploads photos etc, but if someone posts something in river there is not comment option to reply :(


  • ...but my question is in river why there is no any option to reply in comments?

    Don't know, this plugin does not cause that, elgg works that way.

  • Hi, like me this plugin. A question, where I change "Pass any content from the included demo file to Elgg secondary sidebar"?


  • The file to edit is views/default/page/elements/demo_element.php

    and the text string you mention is in river_addon/languages/en.php

  • Going to look at this. Thanks Gillie!

  • Yes, open river_addon_1.8_something and find folder river_addon. That's the one to upload.

  • Works beautiful! This actually just scratched our "to do" list back a little bit, hehe, great features here Gillie!! Essential!

  • Gillie, how could I add "all groups" and "all members" (say first X many) as widgets on the right panel?

  • If you stick to the way it's already made, create new files in the folder page/elements, to hold your content, for example members.php and groups.php.

    In start.php extend the sidebar with your new views, as already done with the other views.

  • Our plan to actually have a recommend groups and recommend friends widget based upon categories and keywords. Thanks for the help!

  • i am seeing the river being paginated via this plugin on my site, in place of the 'infinite - view more' button at the bottom (elgg 1.8.8) - this is causing the friends widget to break since the pagination buttons update the page URL to contain an offset variable which the friends widget (and other widgets) are coded to pick up and use. 

    i'd prefer to have the 'infinite - view more' button than pagination buttons. 
    as it is, this plugin is not functional. 

  • River addon does not add pagination anywhere.

    in place of the 'infinite - view more' button at the bottom (elgg 1.8.8)

    Elgg does not have a view more button by default.

  • ah thanks for the info.. my logic was flawed.. i had hypealive installed which was adding the 'view more' button.. but that wasn't revealed until i disabled river addon.. and river addon over-rides hype alive's button if its placed below hype alive in the plugin priority..

    however.. the issue remains that if i disable hypealive completely. the pagination buttons at the bottom of the river reload the page and the friends, groups and other widgets are emptied as they attempt to display with the offset that is being loaded via the page URL.. 

    this seems to be the result of elgg core altering the way pagination is handled and other plugins not having their widgets updated. 

Project Info


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-5-24
  • Downloads: 21457
  • Recommendations: 83

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