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/** * @version 1.8-11.11.30b */- Initial release

  • Nice, Thanks ,man! Been wanting something like this! Im thinking of using this as something else on my site.  Could this have some kinda donwload restrictions for members too? For example could this be used with the points system? Or users have to be invited in order to see the download button. 

    Also how about an option to put a watermark on the screenshots? 

  • the access restriction can be archived by setting the access_id (read access rights) accordingly. you can have a public plugin, but a release that is private (or friends, logged in,..).. but for now this rule applies: "if you can see it, you can download it."

    regarding points system: why shouldn't this be used with a point system? anything is possible.

    currently, screenshots are not supported. i plan on importing them from the archive.. but.. watermark in screenshots? why? couldnt you do that for yourself.. offline? :)

  • Great work!

    Would you create possibility to new view with the newest releases (not a new plugin uploaded as the Elgg community)? We need to know when a new release of a 'old launched plugin' was put in the site...


  • excuse me.. i really can not figure out what you are trying to ask/tell me. when a new release is published, it should be shown in the river. the recommended release is _always_ the latest release except it is explicitly set otherwise. did that answer help you in any way?

  • @13net i think that he wants to say that plugin updated details should be visible in the plugin repo. If a member doesnot check river regularly he is not aware of the updated plugin.

  • ahhh.. okay.. i get it.. thats a good idea indeed. noted (and soon be available on github).

  • 13net: Maybe cash could be interested in your plugin. Contact him. By the way, good work.

  • Good work. Nice look in your site.

  • Ok @ 13net Im targeting users who are not so techie when it comes to those things thats why i mentioned the watermark, i was thinking of using this plugin for another purpose other than plugin repo :) can i mod it a bit to see if i can get what im thinking?? Your info etc wont be removed.

  • @Flexx you are able to do anything the gpl allows you to. so.. as long as everyone profits.. i am fine with it.

  • @13net I am getting this error and can't figure out what is wrong:

    Fatal error: Declaration of AbstractPhloorElggThumbnails::getThumbnail() must be compatible with that of IPhloorElggThumbnails::getThumbnail() in /home/xfile/public_html/mod/phloor_plugin/classes/AbstractPhloorElggThumbnails.php on line 28

  • @fareed: i new release is in the making. ~ 1-2 days to wait - sorry for any inconvenience.

  • 13net

    did you released the new version?

    i'm looking for this plugin.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1119
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