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/** * @version 1.8-09.01.12b */- requires the phloor framework- "most downloaded"

  • Ok did what exactly you said and now getting this error when trying to create a plugin,

    Fatal error: Declaration of PhloorPlugin::getScreenshots() must be compatible with that of IPhloorPlugin::getScreenshots() in /home/xfile/public_html/mod/phloor_plugin/classes/PhloorPlugin.php on line 30

  • you have to change one line in each file in "classes/".. remove the interface implementation -> this should not do any harm. Like so:

    class PhloorXXX extends AbstractXXX
    /*implements IPhloorXXX */

    thanks for reporting.

  • @13net It works like a charm, and loving it.

  • @13net another issue arose, while trying to upload screenshot this is the error I get

    Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested.

  • @fareed: like mentioned above - screenshots are currently not supported. should have taken the specific link out of this release - sorry.

  • will this be updated to 1.8.3? Getting some compatibility error with the getLikes() when i try to upload or save a plugin.

  • @flexx: the getLikes() function has not been tested and is therefore not used by the plugin at the moment - so you should not use it either. Many of the planned features are not implemented yet - so there are some things that are about to be changed. i. just. need. time. :)

    please pm me - maybe we can figure out a temporary solution for you.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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