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Plugin Portfolio for your Elgg site.

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1.81.8-09.01.12b (572.14 kB)2012-Jan-09
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Plugin Portfolio for your Elgg site - a clone of the community site "plugin" section rewritten from scratch (i was not aware of the community plugin being publicly available as well, damn).

!!! This plugin requires the phloorFramework - please make sure you got the LATEST release !!!

Take a look at the screenshots or view the (read-only) demo on



  • delete any previous release of this plugin from your 'mod/' folder
  • upload like any other plugin



  • creating plugin objects
  • managing releases


  • plugin can have a logo
  • group can manage plugin entities too
  • plugin can exist without releases
  • download button is on top instead of at the bottom
  • "likes" instead of recommends
  • release has own description and own comments_on and access_id attribute
  • included some Creative Commons licence to pick (excluded others)
  • shows md5 hash and filename
  • default icon changes with different status (default, private, no_release)
  • only plugins for elgg 1.8 and above.. (quit downwards compatibility)

Currently not supported:

  • adding screenshots
  • most recommended


  • autodetect stuff from the manifest file (screenshots, elgg_version, etc. )
  • plugin widget (user / group )
  • complete language files


  • English,
  • German (comming soon!)

This plugin uses icons from the amazing famfamfam silk icon set. Please visit: Thank you Mr Mark James for this great work.

Please report any errors. Suggestions are very welcome. If you like the plugin please consider a recommendation. Thank you!


  • Category: Uncategorized
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1165
  • Recommendations: 4

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