Conversations v0.1.1

Release Notes


  • fixed topbar icon giving weird url after an auto-refresh
  • fixed inbox conversations section being hidden after an auto-refresh

Probably best to put this on a test site first. It's pretty well tested on 1.7.7 and is not a hack of any other plugin. Built from scratch.

Thoroughly test before putting on a production site. Make sure things are working for non-admin users especially with access settings etc. If you find a bug let me know please.

What's Coming Up?:

  • Improved search function for getting conversations. (need something quicker)
  • Cleaning up of code
  • Potential add on plugin that would look like a chat_bar using the same system
  • Ability to upgrade system (messages,messageboard) into conversations for all users (admin settings)
  • Search for a fellow developer to bring this across to 1.8
  • Muy bueno sobre todo, la idea de utilizar xmlhttprequest y no  $ajax de jquery


    algo asi como




    // xmlhttpRequest



    function http(){ 

        if(typeof window.XMLHttpRequest!='undefined'){ 

            return new XMLHttpRequest(); 



                return new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP'); 


                alert('Su navegador no soporta AJAX'); 

                return false; 




    function request(url,callback,params){ 

        var H=new http(); 

    var divResultado = document.getElementById('chat');

    var url = "" 


        if(!H)return; 'post',url,true); 



           divResultado.innerHTML = H.responseText 



     es una solucion para no saturar el servidor con tantas llamadas ajax 

  • does this plugin need any autocomplete plugin support for retrieving names of to????????

  • This plugins does not work. Can't send any message.

  • I'd like to develop a version compatible with elgg 1.8


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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