Conversations v0.1.1

Release Notes


  • fixed topbar icon giving weird url after an auto-refresh
  • fixed inbox conversations section being hidden after an auto-refresh

Probably best to put this on a test site first. It's pretty well tested on 1.7.7 and is not a hack of any other plugin. Built from scratch.

Thoroughly test before putting on a production site. Make sure things are working for non-admin users especially with access settings etc. If you find a bug let me know please.

What's Coming Up?:

  • Improved search function for getting conversations. (need something quicker)
  • Cleaning up of code
  • Potential add on plugin that would look like a chat_bar using the same system
  • Ability to upgrade system (messages,messageboard) into conversations for all users (admin settings)
  • Search for a fellow developer to bring this across to 1.8
  • apologies for the quick update to the plugin, but these fixes stop the system from breaking and requiring the user to refresh the page before accessing the conversations system.

  • I tried it on my 1.8.1 test site and it make the whole site down :P

  • Good work @Trajan. But...

      First bug:  in topbar when new conversation appears, after clicking on, it's not disappears.

      Second bug : when i send new conversation to another user, it's not appear in my conversation list.

      And the conversation list must display all conversation with that user, not 2 messages.

       hope you understand me. My version is 1.7.10

  • @imoni: this is 1.7 only at the moment mate.;)

    @PaixLand: 1) it never disappears or it takes some time? Conversations are setup so that when someone sends you a message the topbar will show it. You need to actually open the conversation from your inbox (this marks it as read). Then when topbar does an auto-refresh it will not show it as unread.

    2) The conversation gets ajaxed immediately into your inbox. If you already have a conversation running with that user it will not create a new one, but add your comment to the already running conversation. (Is this what happened?)

    3) It shows latest 20 messages at the moment. The next release should allow for viewing older messages.

    Please let me know if my explanations don't fit your problems. :)

  • @all: this uses a lot of jquery, so it's best to run upgrade.php after enabling it just to get that jquery into the page and cached properly.

  • hi trajano, thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • @mariano: you're welcome. I thought you might like this. Your original ajax call for my old river_controls plugin that you improved led me to making this plugin (and learning how ajax works), so really the thanks go to you mate. ;)

  • alone would fail to be updated instantly like a chat

  • a suggestion conversations are not recorded on the widget?

  • with the widget:

    If user B looks at user A's profile and they have a conversation, it will show.

    If user C looks at user A's profile and they have a conversation, it will show.

    User C cannot see the conversation between users A & B on A's profile.

    In short, when you look at someone's profile (or someone looks at your profile) you/he can only see a conversation relevant to the profile owner & the session user. 



    It's coming. 

  • in inbox.php 

    optimize ajax

    function delete_convo(id){


    datastr = "&conversation=" + id;




    type: "POST",

                            url: "<?php echo elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url($vars['url'] . 'action/conversations/delete') ?>",

    data: datastr,

    success: function(msg){









    function send_convo(){


    var user = "<?php echo $vars['user']->guid;?>";

    var receiver = $('input:hidden[name=receiver]').val();

    var message_body = tinyMCE.get('message_body').getContent();

    datastr = "&receiver=" + receiver;

    datastr += "&message_body=" + message_body;

    datastr += "&user_guid=" + user;




    type: "POST",

                            url: "<?php echo elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url($vars['url'] . 'action/conversations/add') ?>",

    data: datastr,

    success: function(msg){








  • @mariano: thanks for the improvements. They will be in the next release ;)

  • @trajan how soon will his be available for 1.8? Would love if you could gives us a 1.8 :)

  • Few things, i found out.

    It can send blank messages (do not write anything, on hit enter, message will be sent.)

    Few messages get lost. Sender A send, Sender B receives notification. But nothing to read.

    Private messgaes icon sometimes give notification first, See notifications do not get updated, that is the time when most messages get lost.

    In new conversation, no drop down list, of friends.

    And on all above all this, very much thanks for the plugin, really very useful plugin.


  • I will have a look at the blank messages issue. It shouldn't be happening. 

    The new conversation uses autocomplete instead of a dropdown. I hate a dropdown that's over 20 items long. If you haven't fixed the bug for autocomplete in your 1.7.x install I imagine this might not work well for you.

  • Trajan please tell me how to fix bug for autocomplete. 

    I am using version 1.7.8

  • Recommended but still need to improve and Best of Luck to Trajan for future upgrades....

  • Im trying to enable but it says me that the plugin is misconfigured, im using version 1.7.11, so its supposed to work isnt it?

    I just copy & paste the unzipped dir in mod, done anything else, what could be wrong? Thnks!

  • I forgot to say I found the solution, it was a simply permissions issue, just chmoded 777 and everything went right

  • such a lovely plugin still not out for 1.8.x :(

  • could you pls consider updating for elgg 1.8.3 as its no more working on 1.8.3 latest release.thanks.

  • Dear all, sorry for being absent. I'm not on 1.8 myself yet so it's not going to happen in the next month or two. I have however done a quick upgrade of the system to improve it a bit and will try to release it soon.

  • Trajan any updates for the plugin....


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