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a conversation-style plugin to replace default messages and messageboard

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This plugin replaces the default messages and messageboard plugin completely. It is developed along the lines of the Facebook message system which uses conversations instead of individual messages.


  • Completely ajaxed system
  • Conversations with other friends (from inbox view) and with any member (from widget view)
  • messages notifications now come in as "elgg_system_notices" into the conversations plugin
  • Auto-refresh of topbar icon & conversations inbox to show new replies etc.


  • unzip and stick into mod folder
  • enable conversations
  • disable messages & messageboard (if enabled)
  • go to topbar icon (same image as for messages)
  • send someone a message to start a conversation

What this doesn't do (yet):

  • upgrade all current messages and messageboard comments into a conversation systemThey will not be lost, but you won't be able to see them without those plugins enabled
  • have a built in method to show conversation messages other than the 20 most recent

What this could do (with a bit of work):

  • This plugin has the ability to now have a streamlined chatting system for elgg (with some more coding) that would combine the original concepts of messages, messageboard & chat all into one system. Essentially via the conversations inbox, widget on profile or (potential) chat interface could all link into the same conversation object saving space in the database.


  • One day...yes. As with any of my projects, if you wanna make it 1.8 compatible, just let me know. I'm always open to cooperation in that regard. But for now this 1.7 ONLY!!!

Want to expand this?:

  • I'm looking for help to improve the speed of this plugin. I'm an elgg mid-class coder (at the most) and there are definitely ways to improve this plugin to make pages load faster. Wanna help??? Let me know.

Anything Else?:

  • Yep..., I wanna thank Matt Beckett for providing me with a function that helped to quickly group all conversations for the user into one list and sort by time_created. @Matt: you'll find your name in the start.php above the function mate. Thanks again.
  • If you like this plugin recommend it. It makes me feel my time spent developing this plugin and providing it for free is worth it. :)









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