Spam Throttle v1.6

Release Notes

  - replaced friendpicker with userpicker

  - general code cleanup

  - moves settings page to real plugin settings area

  • The best, I think I will ban all comments

  • Hi, Matt,

    Great job! It would be very useful to extand this plugin do limits to add friends, change avatar, send messages, etc.

  • Hi Matt!

    I was testing this version on my test site and by using only the global limit with ìsuspend' the plugin works properly, the breaking user is reported, suspended but when I unsuspend him he still can not it my environment only or a bug or intended so?

    Actually, I saw that a comment posted on the same page from which a user was reported, after unsuspending him, could not be posted (warning 'suspended' message) but he did could comment other pages. Going back to the original reported page...the user was again warned as suspended.


    Cheers and thank you for this (other) great tool!

  • Hi Michele,

    Yes, the unsuspend function isn't quite what it needs to be - it removes the suspension but if they post again and the sum of new post + recent posts still exceeds the limit they'll immediately get re-suspended.  I assumed that if people were getting unsuspended they would be added to the exemption list.

    If they can still comment it's likely because the comments are counted differently than the objects which have separate settings.

    So ultimately, not really a bug, but needs some work for better UI.

  • Ah ok, thanks for explanation, kind as always.


  • i just installed this and a new member joined my site.. he was reported by the plugin quickly for posting 11 items in 3 minutes..
    however, i am not aware that any items were posted.. and he appears to not be a spammer.
    any idea why this would be?
    could it be that profile widgets are being counted as items to be throttled?

  • Potentially, this is a pretty blunt instrument and could do with some fresh attention

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  • Updated: 2015-11-2
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