iShouvik Easy Adverts v1.9

Release Notes

  1. Support for Elgg 1.9
  2. Removed iShouvik branding
    • How to include php code so that random pieces of text and/or picture can be shown? I tried to put php code but it is shown as it is
    • How to exclude some pages for example all generic blog pages or a specific blog page?
    • Can this be extended to individual users ? For example, the user can put his own text in the sidebar of his blog by using the tinymce or ckeditor?
  • Hello Disha,

    Thank you for trying out iShouvik Easy Adverts. I will try and answer your queries in order:

    1. You cannot run Php Codes like this. You are advised to create a new plugin. But, I think what you intend to perform can be achieved using JavaScript and you can use this plugin for it. Just Google about some code to display random images or text.
    2. You need to create a new plugin which and use elgg context to unextend the view on specific pages.. Ref: Elgg API Reference
    3. No, this plugin cannot do that. But, thank you for the suggestion. I will see if I can develop another plugin for that.


    Shouvik @ishouvik

Shouvik Mukherjee

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  • Updated: 2015-1-2
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