PF Chat (Chatrooms) (1.8) v1.0

Release Notes

For elgg 1.8.x

  • is it similar to facebook chat (freichat)?

  • please read above and also check images.


    This is to implement chatrooms on your website

  • awesome thanks for doing this update! recomemded!!

    I got this to work myself but i couldn't sort the menus out.  one little thing:  when in the chat room,  the more drop down menu is behind the main chat window.  any ideas on how to fix this?

    also, for anybody else, you can make displaynames show instead of usernames going to mod/chat/pfc/index.php and changing:


    $params['nick'] = $_SESSION['user']->username;  // setup the 


    $params['nick'] = $_SESSION['user']->name;  // setup the 


    thanks in advance



  • Hello very good this and we know there is a version for 1.7.
    In this version, the "Open pop-up" is not working and this is an advantagebecause it frees the action of the network and keeps running I think so.Could solve.
    Thanks for the work.

    Translated with google translator

  • getting error files not writeable readable,can not be created etc. while i go to change the permissions folders not found to change permission

  • @stumpy I am also having the same problem of menu under chat. I will try to do this. and 2ndly if you use the display name at the place of username you won't be able to kick or ban the user. it is because the name can have spaces, but the kick and ban commands do no support spaces. also some other commands won't work after this change.. i preffer to use username.


    @Eloy pop-up window work but it opens in same window will try to work on it,


    @dip this is ur server problem. try it on local host and see it will work.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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