Sponsor Flipwall for 1.8 v1.8-11.11.21

Release Notes

/** * @version 1.8-11.11.21*/- security and code clean up- added gpl header - removed 'new line' bug which caused images not to be displayed

  • works _perfectly_ fine on clean elgg 1.8.1 on both firefox and chromium. can anyone confirm?

  • javascript turned on but still does not work.

  • Same problem, One image does flip but adding a new one the flip stopts working.

  • Nudeler2

    Wenn I click 'Klick' für mehr info, than nothing happens...

  • all i can do is repeat myself and say the same thing i said 25 days ago:

    works _perfectly_ fine on clean elgg 1.8.1 on both firefox and chromium.

    if you people dont provide more information i am not able to help you. pm or email me for personal correspondance.

  • Nudeler2

    Im using SeaMonkey, you already know this, I answered on all your questions of your PM!

  • Nudeler2

    And what does that mean "on a clean egg 1.8.1"?

    Should "we people" no other addons use anymore, but yours?


  • "Clean Install" Means you remove the previous elgg you using (after backing it up of course) and download a fresh copy of elgg 1.8.1 and install it.

  • @Nudeler2: you insulting me via pm does not make the problem go away.. does it? :)

  • Nudeler2


    Concerning the development of a advanced social network-software, I assume that it is desireable that not only the plugins, but the - addons - are working together, too.

    I guess, this is not my task, because not I am the addon-developer.

  • it's confirmed to work on different platforms/browsers.. there is even a tutorial - if it does not work for you.. please try to fix it on your own: http://tutorialzine.com/2010/03/sponsor-wall-flip-jquery-css/

    if you encounter an error in the source, consider reporting it. thanks.

  • @Nudeler.. I deleted your messages because I dont like it when others tell untrue stuff about me. I have been the first that told you to stop sending mails -_-
    Please grow up, man.. Get your facts right. Stop lying and get constructive. (answering the questions would be the first thing - does the demo work or not?)

  • Nudeler2

    @13 net

    You are a cheater - you believe you were god - but you are not.

    Delete your lying 'comments', you cheater - I told you first and three times that I do not want to have your arrogant PM's.

    You tell lies about my person in the public.

    Be carefull regarding your abnormal behaviour, my friend - I'm not the one to play such primitive, cheating games with.

  • this is hilarious :) I normally would not use the comment section of a plugin for this.. and I am publicly apologizing myself by the whole elgg community to bother them about this stuff.. but this is just too good ^^

    @nudeler.. i see now, that it is not about you getting help from me, but just to but dirt on my name and giving me a bad reputation.. okay.. i get it and i dont care. but what i dont like is, when you lie about my person.

    What about that -> I will publicly apologize, if you have been the first that told me stop mailing you. Show the people exactly where and how "arrogant" and "godlike" i am.

    But.. if in turn.. I had been the one that told you to stop message me - then please - let it go.

    Consider this: I would not say the above if I hadnt verified this. Read the messages again - carefully.



  • Nudeler2

    To go on with lying does not changes the truth.

    The truth is, that you are misusing this addon-platform for your personal lies, not I.

    Read again: everbody had track this, only just you ignorate your abnormal behaviour.

    Delete your - this platform misusing-  flagrant 'comments'!

    I must not answer if these flagrant 'comments' not were made, you self-professed genius!

  • Can you both just be friends and stop the arguing? Where is the community spirit? This is getting out of hand! Please just talk about it and agree on something and be friends..

  • Nudeler2

    @Flexx There is nothing to talk about, anymore.

    Deleting my comments and go on with 13net's lying does not change the truth!

    But it shows - how 13net creates his 'truth'.

    And my friends I choose on my own, friends, you know...

    But you are right: this arguing has to stop, because that isn't the stuff for this platform, I said this, too.

    So I claim the right action, just: delete the incorrect misplaced comment, this lying comment:

    @Nudeler2: you insulting me via pm does not make the problem go away.. does it? :)

    Than delete my correct comments on this.

  • @Nudeler what's the problem? I tried this plugin on an installation that has several third party plugins with no issues. What's going on in here?

  • Nudeler2

    @ rjcalifornia

    Why do you not ask Malik Muhammad Umar and spacestation-online this, too?

    Or 13net. I don't know. I'm not developer.

    I use SeaMonkey-browser - this should not be the problem, or I'm wrong, perhaps?



  • I am using seaMonkey, Konqueror, Midori, Epiphany, IE/7/8/9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and I don't have a problem with this plugin.

  • Nudeler2

    I am very pleased to hear that...



  • Nudeler2

    you don't have a problem with this - add-on...

  • Nope, trust me I would have been the first one to say something.


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