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Define a frontgroup for your Elgg site.

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This is currently in BETA stage - do not use it on productive sites.

Prevents ordinary users, that are not members of any frontgroup, from posting public stuff - they can only set their read access to 'private', 'loggedin', 'friends' or 'group:...' but not 'public'.

This plugins lets administrators define several groups as "Frontgroup". Only user which are members of a frontgroup are able to post public stuff. For every other user the creation of object with access level 'public' is prohibited - thus they can only choose between 'pivate', 'loggedin' or 'group: [name]'. Please note that a group has to be OPEN so that guests are able to see their public content. If you are concerned about people just joining this groups you can calm down: Although frontgroups may be 'open', users can only join if they have got an invitation.

This is a very simple (and highly experimental) way to turn Elgg into a kind of CMS (Content Management System) - at least regarding what a 'guest' gets to see. You can decide who comes into a Frontgroup and who can't and therefore what pages/images/news/blogs are displayed to guests.

Please report errors or other mentionable stuff. Also point out what features or new functionality you'd like to see.

It's intended that not the 'featured' groups are used for this behaviour - you can easily adapt the plugin to function with 'featured' groups instead of 'frontgroups' though.

Languages: English, German


  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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