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This plugin offer the posibility to add SEO Friendly Titles for special characters, like accents words

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It´s only adaptative version from the excelent plugin SEO Friendly Titles.

I´ve just change the manifest to make it work to Elgg 1.8.


As the original said:


This plugin is useful for optimize the SEO for blogs, forums, etc, for people who don't use the usual words, like words with accents, ciric letters, and latin characters.

For example a spanish word like, "Unacanciónpara Keetup" the normal friendly title function that is in the elgg core, will convert that word to "una-cancin-para-keetup", watch that this is not very SEO because remove important characters to the URL.

With this plugin, that word will be like "una-cancion-para-keetup".

The plugin convert letters like "Ñ" to "N". so the Search Engines, can read it very easy.


----------------- Portuguese Information ---------------- 

Este plugin é útil para otimizar as buscas (conhecido como SEO) para blogs, fóruns, etc.

Serve para corrigir a 'falta de interpretação' do Elgg para linguas latinas e palavras com acentos, letras Ciric e caracteres latinos.


Veja também:   Publicação dos endereços URL no Elgg em Português do Brasil


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