Open Web Analytics for 1.8

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Enables website tracking with Open Web Analytics on your Elgg site.

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Phloor Analytics OWA Admin InterfaceOpen Web Analytics Admin Interface
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1.81.8-11.11.22 ()2011-Nov-23
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IMPORTANT: I ran absolutely no kind of test for this plugin - I haven't even checked if it works with a up-to-date Open Web Analytics installation. (No user reported any error till now - phew)

I just rewrote 'Phloor Analytics Piwik' (which is stable and working) to work with Open Web Analytics..

So please.. test for yourself and report your experience back here.


  • English
  • German

The language file is compact and very small.. if you are capable of speaking a language, that this plugin does not support yet, please consider taking the short time to translate it.. highly appreciated. 

-> please send to owaplugintranslations [monkey tail] 13net . at (or anyothertranslation [monkey tail] 13net . at)

Please report any errors. Suggestions are very welcome. If you like the plugin please consider a recommendation. Thank you!


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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