Release Notes

This is developed on 1.7.7 It could work for other versions it could not. I'm using on a production site with no problems.

Upcoming Expansions

  • Option for other plugins to extend the tab view
  • Language option for those not using the language_selector plugin
  • Password change option*
  • Maybe some other things

*This depends on safety issues as well as my coding ability.
The plugin itself is very simple, and you can always use the functionality for something else. Feel free to modify as you like, but don't forget who made the first version in your credits.

  • why not 1.8 :'( :P

    please update for 1.8 :)

  • Good work again T.

    Few thoughts on this:

    Name and email are the ones that many does not change very often. We can have the most frequently used options in this side bar.

    Just a thought.. IF invalid, please ignore. :)

  • @imoni: I don't use 1.8 mate, although honestly give it a try, it might just work.

    @Purus: To be honest I was just playing around and wanted a nice way to change the language. Then thought I would add name and email. As I mention above, the functionality is there for you to do whatever you want with it. You could set it up to show the latest news posts with an ajax refresh, or even live notifications with a bit of work etc. Options are endless.

  • kewlz ;-oO like that phrasing - syntax + semantics -- " just playing around and wanted a nice way.. " --- aye:- methinks thou art becoming a programmer & gaining a programming mindset ;-) i remember days long gone by... ;) what a long/short journey the road has been ?!;-O

  • in 1.8 the files are different.

    so not working

    i place the code in \views\default\page\elements\header

  • hmmm.. browsed the code pieces ;) nice ! cheers...

  • @D ;)

    @imoni have you run upgrade? If that doesn't work then you'll have to work out another way of getting it in. But at the end of the day this coding doesn't actually use anything specific to 1.7, it's just the platform I develop on.

    that code that you need to add is just telling the system which view to extend. Have a look at the documentation for 1.8 on extending views. Maybe a solution is in there.

  • Hmmm - spent some minutes checking the 1.8 styled hookups  ;(
    This is gonna be a new trick.. !;|
    I think we'll have to do several mods to be able to integrate QuikSet's headerContents stuff.
    Tried :-
    echo elgg_view('page/elements/sidebar/extend');
    Then :-
        //elgg_extend_view('header_contents/extend', 'quik_settings/quik_settings');
        elgg_extend_view('page/elements/sidebar/extend', 'quik_settings/quik_settings');
    -- Which does bring QuikSet Popup Content - but without the JS FX - into 1.8 SideBar -- I'm kinda too hasty and only 3/4 curious interested.
    and so.. have not played with the full-er code changes needed.. ;-oO
    . . . anyways - I not weally needs this for 1.8 ;0)


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