Release Notes


  • Setting responsive dimensions.
  • Making video thumbnails faster (thanks to ura soul).
  • Do not display watching video in sidebar (thanks to ura soul).


  • Using https instead http in embeded videos.
  • thanks for including the changes.

    minor point: i noticed that the thumbnail file contains a reference to the profile image file that i took the thumbnail code from:
    elgg_log("Profile icon direct failed.", "WARNING");


    i'm also wondering what the responsive dimensions part is. is that changes to css?

  • another issue.. the delete action has faulty logic that results in users being forwarded to a broken video page after deleting a video from a group.

    i'm pretty sure this is resolved effetively by commenting out this from the delete action:


    // we can't come back to video url because it's deleted
    //if($url != $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) {
    // forward(REFERER);


    i haven't tested this extensively.

    • videos are small on page view says "Video player to small"?
    • the wire widget shows video which is nice!
    • activity page shows tiny image?
    • responsive view on mobile clips 1/3 of video view on video page view?
  • @LT - I've changed the code in videolist/views/default/videolist/watch/youtube.php as followed:


    $video_id = $vars['entity']->video_id;

    echo "<iframe width=\"$width\" height=\"$height\" src=\"$video_id/?wmode=transparent&modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&controls=1&autohide=1\" frameborder=\"0\" allowfullscreen></iframe>";

    Credits go to Ve in the 1st comment @

    I added "&modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&controls=1&autohide=1"
    This way the top and control bar don't show up before playing.

  • I forgot... videolist/views/default/river/object/videolist_item/create.php should change too.

    It now looks like this:

    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();
    $video = elgg_view("videolist/watch/{$object->videotype}", array(
    'entity' => $object,
    'height' => '197px',

    echo elgg_view('river/item', array(
    'item' => $vars['item'],
    'message' => $video,

    if ($object->canEdit()) {
    echo "<div class='delete_note' style='float:right;'>" . elgg_view("output/confirmlink",array(
    'href' => $vars['url'] . "action/videolist/delete?guid=" . $vars['item']->object_guid,
    'title' => elgg_echo('delete'),
    'text' => elgg_view_icon('delete'),
    'confirm' => elgg_echo('deleteconfirm'),
    'is_action' => true,
    'priority' => 200,
    )) . "</div>";

  • Anyone using this plugin together with Dutch translation for Elgg 1.8 can download a translation here in zip and add the nl.videolist.php file in ../mod/dutch_translation/languages/

  • Emmanuel Simond

    Why not put such an interesting baking code @ GitHub? 

    then we all get updates with the Flow


  • this is on github i think.. i have been pasting code here because i am not up to full speed with github presently and i may forget these changes. 

    here's another one.. & symbols in the thumbnail path are not valid for the

    so line 292 in start.php becomes:
                return "mod/videolist/thumbnail.php?joindate=$join_date&amp;guid={$videolist_item->guid}&amp;owner_guid=$owner_guid&amp;size=$size";

  • so this is the only video plugin compatable with https? its not fair i am using webgalli 1.4 video and i will lose all my videos pictures and text but i might just have to switch to this plugin

  • can you make it so you add description when adding a video the same as videos 1.4 please : )

  • Would be great to have video upload to youtube...

  • @worldopensources

    try this
    View the video in place of the image on the river

    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();
    $video = elgg_view("videolist/watch/{$object->videotype}", array(
    'entity' => $object,
    'height' => '197px',

    echo elgg_view('river/item', array(
    'item' => $vars['item'],
    'message' => $video,


  • nice, that should fix the intermittent problem i have with videolist thumbnails not always loading in chromium when the lazy_load_images plugin is enabled.

    the problem with loading the video list thumbnails may be related to the change i made a while ago to that code to increase the performance (they were loaded inefficiently previously).. there may be a bug there.

    as an enhancement to @v06's code.. 
    this code will load the video embed and also the text extract alongside it:

    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();
    $excerpt = elgg_get_excerpt($object->description,230);

    $video = elgg_view("videolist/watch/{$object->videotype}", array(
    'entity' => $object,
    'height' => '197px',

    echo elgg_view('river/item', array(
    'item' => $vars['item'],
    'message' => '<span class="elgg-river-videolist-item" style="float:left;margin-right:8px;">' . $video . '</span>' . $excerpt,

  • actually after using this plugin i would say it better than the other video plugin even if it was not compatable with https

  • i used all the video plugins i could find and settled with videolist.. there is much room for improvement, yet it is functionally usable.

  • Thanks, it fixed thumbnails on river page, but thumbnails is not visible on the videolist/all page, how to fix thumbnails on videolist/all page.

  • also iam not seeing option tabs of mine , all , friends tabs is missing.

  • @michele - the link to edit the video url is usually not present, yes. i have raised a ticket for that in github since sometimes we need to change the url.


  • no, not crazy.. just make sure you test the process thoroughly on an offline database copy, before you do it to the live database (and only do it to the live database when the site is offline from users).

    the paths are stored in metastrings table and you would need to write a query that correctly connects the metastrings table to the entity and subtype table (i think via another table - possibly metadata).

  • well, i say 'not crazy', but maybe that depends on how many videos you want to change.. and what your approach is to doing the change manually!

  • Several members have had problems when trying to post a video. They reported the same error message

    String could not be parsed as XML

    Exception Object
    [message:protected] => String could not be parsed as XML
    [string:private] => exception 'Exception' with message 'String could not be parsed as XML'

    I have searched all over and have not found any answer for this problem. If anyone knows how to solve it, please advise.

  • Any updates on this plugin?

  • so youtube just turned off API v.2.. which means that videolist now fails to grab title and description data for youtube videos! this is an issue that needs to be resolved urgently.. anyone have a fix?

  • ok, so api 3 uses a totally different approach and i think will require the use of a google php library:


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