Release Notes


  • Setting responsive dimensions.
  • Making video thumbnails faster (thanks to ura soul).
  • Do not display watching video in sidebar (thanks to ura soul).


  • Using https instead http in embeded videos.
  • thanks for including the changes.

    minor point: i noticed that the thumbnail file contains a reference to the profile image file that i took the thumbnail code from:
    elgg_log("Profile icon direct failed.", "WARNING");


    i'm also wondering what the responsive dimensions part is. is that changes to css?

  • another issue.. the delete action has faulty logic that results in users being forwarded to a broken video page after deleting a video from a group.

    i'm pretty sure this is resolved effetively by commenting out this from the delete action:


    // we can't come back to video url because it's deleted
    //if($url != $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) {
    // forward(REFERER);


    i haven't tested this extensively.

    • videos are small on page view says "Video player to small"?
    • the wire widget shows video which is nice!
    • activity page shows tiny image?
    • responsive view on mobile clips 1/3 of video view on video page view?
  • @LT - I've changed the code in videolist/views/default/videolist/watch/youtube.php as followed:


    $video_id = $vars['entity']->video_id;

    echo "<iframe width=\"$width\" height=\"$height\" src=\"$video_id/?wmode=transparent&modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&controls=1&autohide=1\" frameborder=\"0\" allowfullscreen></iframe>";

    Credits go to Ve in the 1st comment @

    I added "&modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&controls=1&autohide=1"
    This way the top and control bar don't show up before playing.

  • I forgot... videolist/views/default/river/object/videolist_item/create.php should change too.

    It now looks like this:

    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();
    $video = elgg_view("videolist/watch/{$object->videotype}", array(
    'entity' => $object,
    'height' => '197px',

    echo elgg_view('river/item', array(
    'item' => $vars['item'],
    'message' => $video,

    if ($object->canEdit()) {
    echo "<div class='delete_note' style='float:right;'>" . elgg_view("output/confirmlink",array(
    'href' => $vars['url'] . "action/videolist/delete?guid=" . $vars['item']->object_guid,
    'title' => elgg_echo('delete'),
    'text' => elgg_view_icon('delete'),
    'confirm' => elgg_echo('deleteconfirm'),
    'is_action' => true,
    'priority' => 200,
    )) . "</div>";

  • Anyone using this plugin together with Dutch translation for Elgg 1.8 can download a translation here in zip and add the nl.videolist.php file in ../mod/dutch_translation/languages/

  • Emmanuel Simond

    Why not put such an interesting baking code @ GitHub? 

    then we all get updates with the Flow


  • this is on github i think.. i have been pasting code here because i am not up to full speed with github presently and i may forget these changes. 

    here's another one.. & symbols in the thumbnail path are not valid for the

    so line 292 in start.php becomes:
                return "mod/videolist/thumbnail.php?joindate=$join_date&amp;guid={$videolist_item->guid}&amp;owner_guid=$owner_guid&amp;size=$size";

  • so this is the only video plugin compatable with https? its not fair i am using webgalli 1.4 video and i will lose all my videos pictures and text but i might just have to switch to this plugin

  • can you make it so you add description when adding a video the same as videos 1.4 please : )

  • Would be great to have video upload to youtube...

  • @worldopensources

    try this
    View the video in place of the image on the river

    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();
    $video = elgg_view("videolist/watch/{$object->videotype}", array(
    'entity' => $object,
    'height' => '197px',

    echo elgg_view('river/item', array(
    'item' => $vars['item'],
    'message' => $video,


  • nice, that should fix the intermittent problem i have with videolist thumbnails not always loading in chromium when the lazy_load_images plugin is enabled.

    the problem with loading the video list thumbnails may be related to the change i made a while ago to that code to increase the performance (they were loaded inefficiently previously).. there may be a bug there.

    as an enhancement to @v06's code.. 
    this code will load the video embed and also the text extract alongside it:

    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();
    $excerpt = elgg_get_excerpt($object->description,230);

    $video = elgg_view("videolist/watch/{$object->videotype}", array(
    'entity' => $object,
    'height' => '197px',

    echo elgg_view('river/item', array(
    'item' => $vars['item'],
    'message' => '<span class="elgg-river-videolist-item" style="float:left;margin-right:8px;">' . $video . '</span>' . $excerpt,

  • actually after using this plugin i would say it better than the other video plugin even if it was not compatable with https

  • i used all the video plugins i could find and settled with videolist.. there is much room for improvement, yet it is functionally usable.

  • Thanks, it fixed thumbnails on river page, but thumbnails is not visible on the videolist/all page, how to fix thumbnails on videolist/all page.

  • also iam not seeing option tabs of mine , all , friends tabs is missing.

  • Hi guys, any import from izap videos tool?


  • Hey, I found this

    On my testsite works but for the videos whose thumbnails saving went wrong. Any experience?

    By the way, thank you very much @sem for upgrading this to 1.8/1.9!

  • Actually the importer is not working perfectly :S

    Videos loaded into videolist directly are ok but the imported ones seem to be missing the actual link to youtube videos.

    Also, in "edit video" page I do not see any link field to modify the link to the video. Is that normal behaviour?

  • Warning! The izap2videolist importer actually deletes videos from izap db so even if you decide then to keep izap all videos imported to videolist are lost in izap!

  • @michele - the link to edit the video url is usually not present, yes. i have raised a ticket for that in github since sometimes we need to change the url.


  • Ah ok, thank you @ura soul ... in case you import unfortunately you need to modify all links...


  • Would it be crazy/correct for now to manually edit links in mysql admin? If possible, in which table?


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