Videolist v1.8-beta2

Release Notes

It seems work perfectly, fixes the edit bug and includes widgets. Only a upload script is needed for the final release.

  • I have this in 1.8.3 but it will not recognise any URLs from Youtube or Vimeo?

    I have tried pasting from browser as suggested, and also share URL etc but keep getting red error screen stating invalid URL.

    Any suggestions please?

  • I think there is one missing feature under "group" whether to "enable group video" or not.

  • yep - there's some code missing in the start.php of videolist plugin to add the group videolist option for groups... needs some code to be patched in there.

  • this is so close wo what i have been looking for...just that i, like some others, want the ability to upload our own videos.  I have plenty of space, and bandwidth on my personal server that i can handle the overhead.  the only other option i have is to upload videos through the files plugin with nubesoplayer...but i would prefer that videos are seperate from pictures, as i want my visitors to upload pics in the gallery i have.  the other reason i love this plugin is that is shows a video thumbnail rather then a video file icon.  is anyone working on a fork for this since they said they had no plans on the upload feature?  i do know css, php, and html, though i have been out of it for a few years, but i dont really know where to sart with this!  any help would be awesome!

  • also a gallery view or a toggle between list and gallery view would be a nice touch.

  • I have problems with this module. The comments are duplicates. See attached


  • Great job ! but is it possible to allow members to upload a video file from their local computer, like any custom or home made video? not only from YouTube etc.If you can make changes in your plugin or help me to change code for this option in your plugin then it will help lots of people i think to allow members to upload a video directly. Thanks !

  • SPANISH Translation

    Create es.php in /mod/videolist/languajes
    with the following code:

     * Elgg videolist Spanish language pack.
     * @package ElggVideolist
    $spanish = array(
        "videolist" => "Videos",
        "videolist:home" => 'Videos de %s',
        "videolist:user" => 'Videos de %s',
        "videolist:new" => 'A&ntilde;adir un Video',
        "videolist:find" => 'Todos los videos del sitio',
        "videolist:all" => 'Todos los videos del sitio',
        "videolist:add" => 'A&ntilde;adir un Video',
        "videolist:play:video" => 'Play',
        "videolist:add:video" => 'A&ntilde;adir',
        "videolist:search" => "Todos los videos del sitio",
        'videolist:friends' => "Videos de amigos",
        'videolist:edit' => "Editar video",
        'videolist:ingroup' => "en el grupo",
        "videolist:submit" => 'Enviar',
        "videolist:title" => "Titulo",
        "videolist:description" => "Descripci&oacute;n",
        "videolist:video_url" => "Ingrese URL de Video",
        "videolist:error:no_save" => 'Error al guardar el video, por favor intente nuevamente',
        "videolist:saved" => 'Video guardado con &eacute;xito!',
        "videolist_item:more" => "Ver todos los videos",
        "videolist_item:none" => "No se encontraron videos",
        "videolist:deleted" => "Video removido con &eacute;xito!",
        "videolist:deletefailed" => "Este video no puede ser eliminado ahora. Por favor, intentelo luego",
        "videolist:widget" => "Videos",
        "videolist:widget:description" => "Su lista de reproducci&oacute;n de video personal",
        "videolist:num_videos" => "Cantidad de videos para mostrar",
        'videolist:widget' => "Mis Videos",
        "videolist:widget:description" => "Muestre su galer&iacute;a de video personal de YouTube",
        "profile:videoheader" => "Mi galer&iacute;a de Video",
        "videolist:access_id" => "&iquest;Qui&eacute;n puede ver mi publicaci&oacute;n de este video?",
        "item:object:videolist_item" => "Videos",
        "videolist:tags" => "A&ntilde;adir etiquetas",
        "videolist:browse" => "Encontrar videos - %s",
        "videolist:browsemenu" => "Encontrar videos",
        "videolist:title_search_tube" => "Buscar videos por",
        "videolist:searchTubeVideos" => "Buscar en Youtube",
        "videolist:comments" => "Comentarios",
        "videolist:commentspost" => "Post",
        "river:create:object:videolist_item" => "%s agreg&oacute; el video %s",
        "river:comment:object:videolist_item" => "%s coment&oacute; en %s",
        "videolist:river:item" => "un video",
        "videolist:river:created" => "%s agregado",
        "videolist:group" => "Videos del grupo",
        "videolist:groupall" => "Todos los videos del grupo",
        "videolist:delete:confirm" => "&iquest;Confirma que quiere eliminar este video?",
        "videolist:none" => "No se encontraron videos.",

  • FIX: in videolist/views/default/videolist/watch/youtube.php

    echo "<iframe width=\"$width\" height=\"$height\" src=\"$video_id/?wmode=transparent\" frameborder=\"0\" allowfullscreen></iframe>";


  • As I view the video in place of the image on the river?

  • @veinblack - Thx for the translation and the fix, I'll include this in the next release.

    In the river appears the thumbnail, you need to modity the videolist/views/default/river/object/videolist_item/create.php to add a reduced video there (or what you want).

  • @adiazq - This is now a problem: also happens with any other content.

  • As I view the video in place of the image on the river?

    Modify videolist/views/default/river/object/videolist_item/create.php

    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();
    $video = elgg_view("videolist/watch/{$object->videotype}", array(
        'entity' => $object,
        'height' => '197px',

    echo elgg_view('river/item', array(
        'item' => $vars['item'],
        'message' => $video,

    Thanks @sem! Great plugin

  • Hi, I want to add support for the site

    What  code add in videolist/lib/rocktube.php ?

  • Hi @Ve,

    @mrclay proposed another way to add video platforms in videolist, so wait I release beta3 version (this evening, or tomorrow), and I help you with it.

  • Does this plugin have a video upload and playback function 

  • I'm in trouble when I add video appears as "String can not be parsed as XML 'how to fix?

    String could not be parsed as XML

    Exception Object
    [message:protected] => String could not be parsed as XML
    [string:private] => exception 'Exception' with message 'String could not be parsed as XML' in /home/lifebook/public_html/user/mod/videolist/lib/youtube.php:21
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/lifebook/public_html/user/mod/videolist/lib/youtube.php(21): SimpleXMLElement->__construct('')
    #1 [internal function]: videolist_get_data_youtube('youtube')
    #2 /home/lifebook/public_html/user/mod/videolist/lib/videolist.php(25): call_user_func('videolist_get_d...', 'youtube')
    #3 /home/lifebook/public_html/user/mod/videolist/actions/videolist/edit.php(44): videolist_get_data(Array)
    #4 /home/lifebook/public_html/user/engine/lib/actions.php(104): include('/home/lifebook/...')
    #5 /home/lifebook/public_html/user/engine/handlers/action_handler.php(20): action('videolist/edit')
    #6 {main}
    [code:protected] => 0
    [file:protected] => /home/lifebook/public_html/user/mod/videolist/lib/youtube.php
    [line:protected] => 21
    [trace:private] => Array


    Please help me solve this problem...

  • Am trying to get this plugin to work on latest release of elgg, but embed inputs  not showing up?


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