Menu Sooperfish for 1.8

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Style the site menu of your Elgg site.

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stay tuned as extensions for this plugin will be released in the near future (theme pack!).

This plugin applies the 'SooperFish' menu to the 'site' menu and enables custom settings for admins. SooperFish is an easy to use dropdown-menu plugin with total configuration control and clean code.

The settings defaults to an 'elgg-site-menu look-a-like'-theme. (see screenshots!)

Finally, this plugin does not overwrite any view or css and if javascript is not enabled it will not effect the menu at all - so it should be safe to use. I have not done heavy testing though.. please test it for yourself and report your experience.

Take a look at the screenshots.

I am looking forward to hearing your opinions.


  • English
  • German

The language file is compact and very small.. if you are capable of speaking a language, that this plugin does not support yet, please consider taking the short time to translate it.. highly appreciated. 

-> please send to menuplugintranslations [monkey tail] 13net . at (or anyothertranslation [monkey tail] 13net . at)


Customizeable Themes (Creating your own menu theme plugin)

This plugin does nothing more than enabling a customizeable menu style. It is also possible and very easy to write your own theme plugin so you can recontribute to this project if you like. see the plugin "Phloor Menu Sooperfish Theme5" as a very simple example:

Already created your theme? Do you want it to be intregrated in a theme pack? It'd be more than awesome if you are willing to send me your theme to include it into the first official theme pack! -> simply send the archive to mythemeshouldbepartofthethemepack [monkey tail] 13net . at or just to themes [monkey tail] 13net . at

Please report any errors. Suggestions are very welcome. If you like the plugin please consider a recommendation. Thank you!


  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 2243
  • Recommendations: 7

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