[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Elggx Userpoints] v1.8.1beta2

Release Notes

IMPORTANT: THIS IS A BETA RELEASE!!! Don't use on productive sites yet!!! You have been warned!!!


  • Fully working plugin settings and userpoints administration menu,
  • All deprecated notices fixed,
  • Fully multi-language support.


  • Thorough testing (also with 3rd party plugins)...
  • Hi,

    Good Work again. I could see lot of improvments in the UI than the previous versions.

    Is it possible to find a way, so that the admins can easily make point settings for new plugins (apart from the ones included by default in your plugin)?

    For example, lets say, I am using a greeting card plugin. If user sends a greeting card, 1 point should be added.

    Some interface sort of thing in your plugin to handle new plugins, will be great.

  • @P:
    New PlugIns - for now - need to add code to handle those.
    To do so via Admin settings will mean some fancy code work.. someone's has to do the code ;-)
    Card's/Pts interface ? We did something like that for fkkids' GiftsCardPokes PlugIn. Tho we charged 5 User Pts (FBFK$5;) for sending ;-)

  • Just thought of throwing light of such a interface to accept other plugin actions too.

    We know you had all we wanted. :) You da man.. :)

  • Look into start.php for ElggxUserPts - you'll find all the relevant code in there + views/default/actions.php for PlugIn details..

  • Loving the work you guys are doing! Wish i could help yall out but im not good in at area lol Wen i ge my credit car ill sure contribute to you guys!

  • I guess "somehow" it might be possible to implement an option to define userpoint actions for other plugins via the admin interface. But it would still need some coding knowledge for an admin to do so, because the function of this plugin that is called for the action would be needed. If this would work out in any case or result in errors in some cases when a plugin is coded in an unconventional way can't be guaranteed. I think it might be much easier to add additional actions of other plugins directly to the userpoints code. As Dhrup suggested, you can look into start.php and /views/default/elggx_userpoints/actions.php to see how it would need to get implemented. You can for example trace the code for the tidypics plugin to see what would need to be added.

    If you want me to, I can also add the code to the next version, if you send it to me.

  • Haven't looked at the code yet, but my logic would be:

    1. Create hook handlers for generic actions create/all, update/all, annotate/all

    2. Create a hook handler for page handlers (to add points for viewing a certain item)

    3. In the admin, simply grab a list of all registered entity types. User those selected in no. 1

  • Ismayil has the right way of doing it.

  • Thats just what curr ExPts does minus the page handler / viewing ;-)

  • @Ismayil: I have to admit I don't fully understand what you mean, i.e. how to implement a generic approach based on available entitities. Well, maybe I just need to think about it some more... For the time being though I'll have to postpone this. First, I would like to make sure that the already available userpoint actions work - though I might need to upgrade a few more other plugins before I can be sure of that and this will take some time anyway.

  • @iionly... for a future release, can you consider adding a way to reset all userpoints to zero, instead of having to select each user individually.  Great work by the way! regards....

  • Hi,  Is there a way to include points for uploading files? 

  • @Starphysique: the option to delete all userpoints is already included. It's the first link on the "Plugin settings" tab ("Reset All Points").

    @ravlve: including userpoints for file uploads should be possible. But you would need to adjust the code to include that option. You could check out how the userpoint adding is implemented for the other additions to include it yourself. I'll keep it in mind for the next release. Unfortunately, I'm currently stuck with porting two other plugins to Elgg 1.8, so I can't give a definite date of the next release yet.


  • Done. I changed the following files:

    1. start.php

    Added  elgg_set_plugin_setting('file', $pointssettings->file, 'elggx_userpoints');

    2. en.php

    Added 'userpoints_standard:file' => 'Points for posting a file entry:',

    3. actions.php



            <td width="40%"><label><?php echo elgg_echo('userpoints_standard:file'); ?></label></td>

            <td><?php echo elgg_view('input/text', array('name' => "params[file]", 'value' => $plugin->file)); ?></td>


    And Voila! It works!










  • @iionly...thank you for poiting that out. It looked simply like a header, so I overlooked it (my confusion, not yours)...thanks again....regards....

  • wonderfull .. keep rocking..

  • Deleting action in elgg 1.8 result in white page after enabling this plugin. how to fix that

  • @Thuvalpakshi: could you give more details? What are you referring to exactly with "Deleting action in elgg 1.8"? A brief test in Elgg 1.8.2 worked fine with deleting a userpoints entry in the userpoints plugin's settings and I could also delete a blog without any white screen. Are you referring to a specific delete action?

  • I have tried deleting Private messages in inbox after enabling this pluggin. i resulted in a whitepage.

    tried deleting a wire post in activity page same happended.

    tried to delete a comment same happed.

    My elgg version is 1.8.2.


  • @Satheesh PM: I've checked the actions you described (deleting wire post, comment, private message). All these actions work for me without any problem. I can think of two reasons why it doesn't work for you: either you have some settings of the userpoint plugin different than I (though I've tried to test out all the available options as best as possible) or you have another 3rd party plugin installed that produces a side-effect in connection with the userpoints plugin.

    You could play a bit with the available options of the userpoints plugin (for example set the userpoints to be awarded automatically, i.e. "approved" and allow userpoints to be deleted when the content gets removed and userpoints to be substracted). Also, have you defined the amount of userpoints to be awarded for wire postings and comments? For private messages there are no userpoints awarded anyway...

    To check out possible side-effects with other plugins you can only disable other 3rd party plugins temporarily. Unfortunately, I can't test out all available other plugins regarding compatibility.

  • thank you very much for your responce i too will try as u suggested. Happy new year


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