Vasco_Karma Update 1.8 v1.8a1

Release Notes

sorry last version i uploaded was all customized to fit my site, this is the "stock" version if you will

  • wow 4 download in less than an hour, keep um coming and all keep new plugins coming!

  • It is a plugin for user points. You can define points for different activities.



    here u can see the full discription.


    I'll check it in few hours. Thanks for uploading.

  • Jparde, thank you for updating the plugin! If you wish, I can upload it as new version in vazco_karma plugin's project.


    We're also porting new Elgg 1.8 commercial version to GPL. We'll upload it to once it's completed. It will probably take a few weeks more.

  • Mike, your welcome, iv been making plugins work on 1.8 and been feeling stingy so I had to give back lol I'd love to see this in ur plugin project page, feel free :)

  • It is not working. am not getting any error but nothing happens after activating this plugin.


    when someone logged in a msg should displayed that you got bonous point or something but nothing at all.

    even points are not shown in profile or anywhere else


    please help :(

  • As mnrtrq mentioned, there is no any visual output of this plugin.

    I have updated the settings correctly and have updated the user points using the link provided in the plugin settings page and even ran upgrade.php file.

    Is this plugin works for any one else? Am I missing anything?

  • im running this on 1.8.01 and having no issues, points are awarded, as well as shown on the profiles history page, try disabling other plugins and see if anthing changes, get back at to me and we will figure this out cause it works 100% for me. any other information you can figure out, like maybe a plugin that is causing it to fail.

  • just went through, disabled my customized version for my site, redownloaded this plugin (from here on elgg, just to make sure that these files were not missing somthing), reuploaded this, updated the settings and it workers right out of the box for me, so me must have a plugin that is causing problems, id say Kristophe , Purus, and mnrtrq give me a list of the plugins you are running, id be willing to bet that somewhere you are all running the same plugin that is causing issues, so lets get your lists and we will make note of plugins all three of u have and ill go from there, ill load a couple plugins and see if i cant make this issue happen on my site, if it does ill update the code so it will work with that plugin, (i hate when people just say, dont use the plugin thats cauing the issues, no! if we can figure it out, ill make it work with that plugin so you can have both!), sorry its not working out of the box for you, but we will get it working for your guys i promise!

  • well I already checked disabled plugins I installed but still don't not working.


    Jparadee check may be you have any plugin installed to run this one

  • its a hugeeeeeeeeeee list lolx

    ok wait I send it.

  • Deyan shell 1.1.2

    private river 1.8

    Accept Terms 1.0

    Market 1.8c

    Hype Portfolio

    IP tracker 1.8b

    OI Invitefriends

    Qli Recaptcha 1.2.1

    IZAP Elgg Bridge 2.1

    Westors Elgg manager 1.8

    Frei Chat

    TV 1.0


    Spellcheck 1.0

    Maintenance 1.8

    Image Captcha 1.0

    Hype Live Search

    Hype Framework


    Group Operators 1.2

    FriendRequest 2.3

    Do Wiki 1.4.1

    Bad Words Filter 1.8


    others are default

  • Doesn't work for me either. It's a installation without any non-bundled plugins. Also it's Elgg 1.8.1beta1. Could this be the common factor. Jpardee, have you tested on Elgg 1.8.1beta yet?

  • Yes test on 1.8.1beta this plugin DOES NOT WORK,mnrtrq try disabling all of your hyper plugins I was having issues running regular plugin with hyper plugins, try this and get back to me, again I say, I got this going on 1.8.01 and we WILL get it working for you guys aswell

  • Esperanza Theme 1.8

    Mobile 1.8

    Favicon setup 1.8

    Privite River 1.8

    xbox gamertag 1.8 

    profile manager 7.0 beta 



  • I am using the previous major release of 1.8. But still could not make it to work.

  • It works for me on 1.8.01 but I can only see the points results by clicking on settings, and then my points. I have checked Yes on 'show on profile' and in 'user listings' but they do not show there. I can only find my points, not other users points, even logged in as admin. I use the paid version in 1.7 so maybe I am not giving it a fair comparision.

  • Dear Jpardee, I wrote in my above comments that I disabled all plugins except default one's. But this still not work........

  • Hype plugins are not the reasons for breaking this plugin. I do not have this activated. There should be some other view changes in ELGG 1.8.1 which make this plugin to break.

  • vaczo_karma/models/karma.php

    is encoded how to get original file

  • Long time ago.. Michal and I had a rather lengthy conversation about 'protecting' plugins' code - esp if a developer wanted to incorporate some special techniques or algorithms which they did not want to have others pinching and making off with such code. We had discussed various techniques for encrypting PHP code and it seems that in those early days he came up with a mashup of the techniques we had discussed and etc to derive a consolidated MD5 + Base-64 based system to block code-tampering. I have developed my own coding and de-coding routines -- these are purely for academic purposes to study general algorithms from a technical point of view. Not for casual distribution. I prefer to respect the original developers' intent and to not de-code other people's hard work to be idly thrown away. The best way to get to clear text versions for Vazco's karma models' code might be to ask Michal himself.




Just A Developer That Loves Elgg! Had To Set Up A Profile And Give Back With Some Plugins! Thanks Elgg!


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