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Pages integration, group pads, lots of refactoring, bug fixes, plugin name changed from 'elggpad-lite' to 'elggpad'


Huge thanks to Sem for this release, really nice work.

  • I'm looking forward to using this plugin and helping out where I can. However, I've hit a stumbling block.

    In the body of my pads, I receive the error message:

     You do not have permission to access this pad

    How might I overcome this? My etherpad-lite instance works properly when I access it directly from I believe I have the mysql password and APIKey set correctly.

    In my etherpad-lite output, I'm getting this message:

    [2011-12-20 11:43:37.467] [WARN] message - Authentication try failed:{"component




    [2011-12-20 11:43:37.471] [INFO] message - to 19411903222069120526: {"accessStat




    I'd guess that a sessionID and password of "null" is the problem, but I'm not sure how to fix that. Advice?

  • It seems like you asked the same question on the etherpad lite boards:

    Something about the cookie not being set correctly? And, I guess my default path is wrong, too?


  • I get the same problems regardless of whether it is a local etherpad-lite instance or one on Is this an apache setup issue or a plugin issue?


    This works for me

     efault commented       November 10, 2011





    Got it sorted, Cookie was not being set correctly, tidied up my code, made sure setcookie() is being called before any output. Also changed setcookie params to,

    setcookie('sessionID', $sessionID, $validUntil, '/');

    As my etherpad lite install is in a higher directory than where i was setting the cookie so the default path was wrong.

    Not an etherpad lite bug. When cookie is set correctly everything works as it should.

  • Yeah, I saw that post. I see the setcookie call in ElggPad.php, but I assume that fix was supposed to have done it. Are there assumptions made about paths? I guess I'll have to dig into the code a little deeper.

  • I can't get 0.8.0 to work, the pad just doesn't appear. Save.php gets to line 40 where it is supposed to create a new ElggPad(), but it never gets back from that constructor. My elgg / php skills won't allow me to debug this much further.

    0.6.0 works ok. I'm using elgg 1.8.3 with Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) PHP/5.2.6-1+lenny10 with Suhosin-Patch, with ssl encryption.

    Any ideas?

  • i have the same problem as krs2, save.php gets to line 40 at line "new ElggPad()" and never gets back.


    Any suggestion idea/solution/??


    Thanks in advance.

  • Great plugin! One bug: if you're viewing a group's pages, the "Add pad" link currently creates a pad that belongs to the logged in user instead of the group.


    Change line 44 in mod/etherpad/pages/pages/owner.php from

    $url = "etherpad/add/" . elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid();


    $url = "etherpad/add/" . elgg_get_page_owner_guid();

  • In my Elgg installation (1.8.8, but also 1.8.6), only the pad creators can edit a pad, regardless of the "Write access" settings. I had to disable the access control for pads by hacking line 160 of the ElggPadd class (just changed getReadOnlyAddress into getAddress, but that's not satisfying).

    Any ideas why canEdit() fails even if the write access level is set to "Logged in users"?

    (I have "Restrict pages to logged-in users" enabled in the advanced admin settings)

  • And here's a feature request: what if new saved revisions could be added to the activity page! :-)

  • Anyone still using this?




I'm a code whore. Most experienced in Perl, C++ and Obj-C. Playing with PHP atm as I'm writing plugins for elgg ;)

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