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todo: group pads, private pads.

  • I tried it and have some questions

    1. Where is the save button I could not find a way to save the pad

    2. Where do you get the host address and api key. The plugin loads with these entered but they do not seem to work.

    Please advise

  • me parece que este plugin  es pagado verdad?

  • @hleroy, The pad will currently stay however it is left (auto saves). It does not need saving.  You can export it locally from the pads control bar if you wish. This is normal etherpad lite behavior. If you would like some sort of save feature message me with more details, requirements of feature etc, and ill see what i can do.

    You need to have your own etherpad lite service running. the host address is the address to this service. the default host/api setting are just examples. If you install etherpad lite locally the host address will be something like (localhost, port 9001) and your api key can be found in your etherpad lite root dir, APIKEY.txt

    @Kevin, This plugin is free and open source GPL v2. No part of it is paid, I do not host a pad service that the plugin uses, you host your own. It does require both etherpad lite and elgg but both are also open source (Apache License v2 and  GPL v2 respectively)

    Note: This plugin does not include etherpad lite, you must already have an etherpad lite service running. The reason for this is so etherpad lite and elgg can be hosted and running in different locations.

  • Nice work :)

    I have elgg 1.8 and etherpad lite running without problems.

    But etherpad gives me this msg "You do not have permission to access this pad" when I try to see any pad created inside elgg. All seem to be ok, requireSession is false, editOnly is false and there is no httpAuth line in settings.json file (etherpad), host address is ok and the etherpad lite api key that is inside APIKEY.txt, so.... dont know where to look.

    Any clue will be apreciated so I can take a look at the right place to fix it.

    Thx 4 ur time.

  • @Frank, I'm having the same problem. Did you find a solution?


I'm a code whore. Most experienced in Perl, C++ and Obj-C. Playing with PHP atm as I'm writing plugins for elgg ;)

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