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Release Notes

Initial release...

Hopefully, I didn't miss any bugs. If you find any, please report them.

  • Hi,

    After enabling this plugin, all the images are not dispalying. I was forced to disable this plugin.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

  • What do you mean exactly with ALL images? Do you refer to Elgg icons, profile pictures, images uploaded in files section, tidypics images? In case of tidypics images, it might be because there's no native Elgg 1.8 version yet - and I haven't tested if the loginrequired plugin works with tidypics at all (I guess I should do that...).

    On the other hand, when logged in, there shouldn't be any difference at all, since the first thing the plugin does is checking if the user is logged in. If that's true nothing else is done/blocked.

  • The issue is when logged out.

    All images including profile icons, ELGG icons, file section images.. etc.

  • Well, that's more or less the intention of this plugin actually:

    Walled-garden = to allow content only be viewable by logged-in users...

    I guess what's confusing currently is that the index widgets like Latest files etc. show up when logged-out (though the content does not - though I see the member icons in the Newest member widget). I guess I should rather try to add a separate index widget that doesn't show anything else apart the log-in widget.


  • Thanks for your analysis. Hope to have a new version.. Thanks again.

  • Intereferes with rel='popup' links

  • @Purus: I'm working on it but I can't give any definite time for when it's done yet. As I'm trying to implement it in a "learning by doing" approach, it might take a bit of time (and unfortunately I can only work on it at the weekends).

    @Dhrup: popup links in topbar or footer? Links introduced by using plugins/themes? I guess I need to try that on my own to see what you mean exactly. It might happen due to the url cleanup before the check of allowed urls.

  • Builtin 'LogIn' popup at top.
    maybe.. more $allow's needed?
    Also the Messages popup did not disappear ;- (
    That's how noticed !

  • @Dhrup:

    That's strange... as it works for me. I'm currently on Elgg 1.8.1b1 already on Linux with FF8beta (but it also works with Chrome and Opera). May I ask if you noticed the issue while browsing with IE? I guess I need to do some more testing on different OS/browsers. I can both login via the dropdown-box login (i.e. it does appear) and I also get the notifications displayed ("You must be logged in to view that page.") in the upper right corner when clicking for example on an entry of the navigation menu (of course it's ugly that this menu shows when it's blocked anyway when not logged in...).


  • It is working for me. I am using elgg

    Nice plugin


  • Este plugin não funciona normalmente! Quando habilitado ele bloqueia as fotos dos perfils na página inicial!!!




  • @Casimiro:

    The prime language of community.elgg.org is English. So, please post in English, if you don't comment in a language specific support group. Do you expect everyone, especially the plugin developers to understand every possible language of any site visitor? In case of your comment above I think I could at least translate it good enough with the help of Google translate to understand your issue...

    I think you are referring to the same issue as Purus already did above: logged-out users don't see pictures. This is the intention of a walled-garden plugin, to don't give access to content to non-members of the site, i.e. people not logged-in. If that's not what you are looking for I would advice not to use this plugin. I know it would be less confusing with a separate index page without the widgets being displayed in the first place. I'm working on that but I can't give a time yet when an update will be released. But then it will be the same behaviour for logged-out users: they won't see any content of the site.

  • @Casmiro: ;-)

    " Olá meu amigo quem fala Português Elgg ! Você pode usar o tradutor do Google para postar aqu" ==> Hello my Portugese speaking Elgg-Friend ! You can use Google Translator to post here ==>  " This plugin does not work normally! When enabled it blocks Photos Profile on the homepage ! " 


     I suppose you did goto Google Trans ;-O -- Same problem that Purus reported.

    RE: PopUp Links -- I will try / re-test several other browsers, Currently using SeaMonkey / FireFox / Chrome / Safari.. amost never  IE ;-oO;)

    Elgg1801/views/default/page/walled_garden.php is Elgg's Login stuff -- maybe can be hooked into near the code " gatekeeper(); " for directing @ non-allowed pages ?

    PS: Puzzles me -- what does IIOnly mean ? Very unusual-like name ;-)

  • This plugin is not necessary! The elgg standard has this function by default in Site Advanced Configurations!

  • I had checked out the walled_garden.php code regarding forwarding and it caused a redirect loop. Though I think I tried it out while still some other bug was in my code so I might need to test it again to see if it works now. But I think the only difference might be some more detailed error message (or am I wrong?).

    I just finally migrated my test stuff to my new computer today. It still works fine with the dropbox login and error messages. Could you try in 1.8.1b?

    Regarding "iionly"... I guess you don't know the TV series Dark Angel. The name "iionly" is a name used by one of the main characters. Back then when I was in need of an alias name I took this name as I was (still am) a big fan of this series. Think of "ii" as "eyes"... eyes only... and see my avatar image.

  • @ Eyes Only: Take your own time. :)

  • @Gustavo: the problem is that by using Elgg's default walled-garden option the external pages are not viewable by logged-out users. I would say that this is not good as you might want to inform people about the theme of your site, the terms and also privacy policy PRIOR joining the site - actually this is even mandatory when using for example Google Adwords as by their policy. This issue has already been reported at TRAC and most likely it will be fixed in Elgg 1.8.1. But in the meantime my plugin has some feature that Elgg 1.8 can't by default - and I coded this plugin also for fun...


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