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Compatible with Elgg 1.8.6+

If you use Easy Theme I recommend that you UPGRADE to this new release.

  • (a) The new release (Easy Theme 1.3.2) redirects to the settings page when the plugin is activated.

    (b) Before elgg1.8.5, changes to the plugin settings page happened immediately, but after 1.8.5 you needed to clear the cache before the changes appeared.

    but i do not see the <activate_on_install>true</activate_on_install> and the activate.php file - which would automatically do the click n save for you without any redirect or manual data entry.


  • I don't want to do the automatic click'n'save for this theme... I just want to push the admin-user to the page where they choose their own settings.

  • This may be an obvious answer that I'm somehow missing -- but I wanted to use a .jpg file (ie. bkgr.jpg in the graphics folder) instead of the default bkgr.gif file.  The only places I searched for bkgr.gif and found it was referenced in:

    mod/easytheme/actions/easytheme/save.php:$et_bkimg = 'url(\'<?php echo $vars[\'url\']; ?>mod/easytheme/graphics/bkgr.gif\')';

    (Which appeared to be the place to edit)

    an in


    (which just looked like it was infomrational for the settings page)


    So in the "save.php" file I changed bkgr.gif to bkgr.jpg, and uploaded a bkgr.jpg file I wanted to use.

    However I get a white screen with the bkgr.jpg file.

    The premissions on the bkgr.jpg file are 644 (but I tried 744 & 755).  I had disabled the elgg caching and would flush my browser cache -- but for some reason it would not display.

    Again I'm probably missing something obvious, but any thoughts would be appreciated.




  • Fantatic theme though!  I really appreciate your help & contribution to elgg!

  • @stevemcg

    Yes, make the changes in mod/easytheme/actions/easytheme/save.php... but note that any changes made to that particular file won't show up until you've opened up the Easy Theme settings page and SAVEd. (you don't have to make any changes on the page, just scroll straight to the bottom and click 'save').

    I'm glad you like the theme.

  • Thanks so much -- (it was a bit too obvious for me :) 

    We're launching a reality TV show through that sight in a couple months, please feel free to check it out (but I warn you, it's highly controversial)

    All the Best,



  • Hey Jubo, I just recomended this theme and have been playing around but I can not find how you are controling the background image, what file did you hide it in? 


  • Just found it in the only file I didn't look save.php 

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Steve, thanks for the recommendation. 

    Just a reminder: When you make changes to save.php, you need to go to the EasyTheme settings page and 'save'.

  • @June -- looks like Steve finally woke up figure out that 'JuBo' and 'JuiPO' are *two different people LOLZ ;-oO;X;P  & We `ope u r keeping well up north @there. stay cool &.. m.o.a.r.e niccce themes;)

  • Hello all,

    Great plugin and I am definately using it on my site. Thanks for that!

    I am trying to add a bit of code to the css/elements/layout.php file to make a header image that has a height of 220px display for non-logged in users and then after they log in cut the image size in half down to 110px. I have taken a couple of attempts at the code but am still a beginner at PHP so could a nice person out there help me with the syntax. Much obliged!

    // double the height of the non-logged in index/home page to 220px hds        

    if (!elgg_is_logged_in()) {        

    .elgg-page-default .elgg-page-header > .elgg-inner {  

    width: 990px;  

    margin: 0 auto;  

    height: 220px;  /********height of non logged in index *****/



    .elgg-page-default .elgg-page-header > .elgg-inner {  

    width: 990px;  

    margin: 0 auto;  

    height: 110px;  /********Change the height here, to match the height of the image*****/


  • Hi HughS,

    I'm trying to think about the easiest way for you...

    Try this...

    Create a new css class for the logged-in option, then use an if/else statement (on the page) to choose between which class to use.

    The easiest way for you to do this is to create your css class at the end of the file "easytheme/views/default/easytheme/css.php".  First close the php, then put something like this....

    .elgg-page-default  .elgg-page-header   .my-elgg-inner{

    height: 110px;
    width: 990px;
    background-image: url(http://.................../mod/easytheme/graphics/headimg.jpg);


    Now put your if/else statement in 'easytheme/views/default/page/default.php'. Replace the header section with something like this:

        <div class="elgg-page-header">
           <?php if (elgg_is_logged_in()) {
              echo "<div class='my-elgg-inner'>";
               echo "<div class='elgg-inner'>";
             echo $header; ?>            

    I hope that helps?  You had two main problems there... (1) you can't use if/else statements in the css files, and (2) that particular part of layout.php was being overridden by some of the easytheme custom css.

  • Thank you very much for explaining the problem. I will try what you said and see if I can get it to work! Much obliged!

  • Hi!

    I do have an working installation of elgg on my space - Now I had to move a copy to another server. Everything was okay, except the Easy Theme plugin. When you go there you see problem: The background-images are totally missing. When you look at the css you see, that there are missing some lines - the lines of the background-images.
    Yesterday I removed the Easy Theme and the whole thing was okay - today I thought I reinstall it new - but as you see, the same problem occures.
    In the readme-file there is this sentence, which says, the you have do press the save-button on the settings-site -this leads to this path here, and doesn´t work.
    Maybe you have an advice for me - Thanks a lot!

    For those, who understand German:

  • Hi,

    - What version of elgg are you using?

    - Could it be a problem with the access permissions on your elgg data directory? Easy Theme creates a folder called "easytheme" inside your elgg data directory, it needs permission to do this, the easytheme directory also needs read/write permissions.  These permissions don't usually need setting manually... but this problem is something I've seen before.

  • Thanks a lot - the theme is working now, but when I´m on the settings-page and press "save" the message "Error opening file" is showing up - what´s wrong here? Another problem with permissions?

    Is 777 to right for the data-directory?
    Thanks a lot!




  • Sorry I hadn't seen that you replied... are you still having problems?

  • Many thanks for this fine theme. I had despaired of finding a free theme that I could easily customize. The settings page is especially appreciated.

    Just one thing though. I have been trying to add some elgg features to the index page such as tidypics, activity and pages. In custom_index.php I mimicked the code that inserts members, blog etc but that didn't work. What am I missing? I tried:

    // files
    echo elgg_view_module('featured',  elgg_echo("custom:activity"), $vars['activity'], $mod_params);

    // blogs
    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('pages')) {
        echo elgg_view_module('featured',  elgg_echo("custom:pages"), $vars['pages'], $mod_params);

  • Hi,

    Are you editing the custom_index.php file within easytheme?  easytheme/views/default/page/layouts/custom_index.php

    I'm glad you're finding the theme useful.

  • Yes, the custom_index.php file in easytheme 1.3.2 (on elgg 8.1.12). Am able to change order of or delete existing code blocks, but can't add anything new. By mimicking an existing code block I see a box with its coloured header which says "custom:activity" or "custom:pages".

    The other thing is that in the box for new users, the avatar for only one of several new users is displayed. Somewhere I'm sure I saw a setting that allowed you to enter how many users, blog entries or whatever should be displayed in the boxes on the index page.

  • Sorry! On my first little problem, I think it's just that am not calling the plugin or category correctly to the index page. How would you name for example the Pages 1.8 plugin ? Don't think my attempt is correct:

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('page')) {
        echo elgg_view_module('featured',  elgg_echo("custom:pages"), $vars['pages'], $mod_params);

    If I replace ('page') ("custom:pages") ['pages'] with ('blog') ("custom:blogs") ['blogs'] - it works and I get the Latest Blogs box.

    Sorry to be a pain, but am new to Elgg and have minimal coding skills.

  • Hi, What you're asking isn't really about EasyTheme at all, but about custom_index.  EasyTheme is just using the original custom_index plugin which doesn't have an option for the latest pages, or the latest activity - so the coding isn't there in the background to make your code (above) work.  

    Unfortunately you are going to need to learn some coding... To start you off... if you go to the pages plugin, you will find some code that you can use to put the latest pages onto a page. (pages/views/default/widgets/pages/content.php)



  • Isn't this option in the configuration panel meant to change the topbar colour from some kind of black to whatever?

    [18] Custom Index :: Module top bar colour (Theme default = #181a2f)

    It doesn't seem to work??

    By the way: Nice Theme, thank you!!!

  • Hi Bjerke,

    Option 18 changes the module colour on the Custom Index page, when the Custom Index plugin is active.  I've just tested it, and it works as planned for me. 

    Do you still have a problem with it? What version of elgg are you using?


  • Is this compatible with 1.8.14 and expected to be compatible with future 1.8.+ releases, or at the very least continue to be upgraded for future 1.8 releases? Thank You.


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