Release Notes

~ this release deals with the problem I discovered when testing Easy Theme with 1.8.6 - re. the cache.

! Do not use on an elgg release older than 1.8.5 !

~ Now tested up to elgg 1.8.8


  • Great theme, I really like it.  I would like to have something on the login page other than just the login boxes.  Where should I add something like "New Users", "Latest Blogs" and such to show on the login page? Much like the screenshots of "EasyTheme Slider".

    Thanks, Sonny

  • Hi, I'm not sure what you're asking. Have you restricted access to "logged in users only" (therefore are only getting the one login box)? Or is your default access permissions set to something other than "public" (therefore the "new user", "latest blogs" info isn't showing up)?


  • Yes, I have access restricted to "logged in users only" and only getting the one login box on the login screen.  And I really want to keep the access restricted to "logged in users only".  But I would like for the "latest blogs" boxes to show and if the users sets the blog to "public" it will show in the "latest blogs" box on the login screen.  Is that possible?

  • I think that once you've decided on "logged in users only" it's not possible (?) to show the latest blog info on the 'walled garden' login page.  You might be able to do what you want by using the 'Login Required' plugin instead?

  • Hello. Is there a way to change the position of the modules in the custom index part? For example make the blogg module lower and wider. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to tweak the plug in to do that. 

  • Hi.  You will need to edit both 'easytheme/views/default/page/layouts/custom_index.php', and 'easytheme/views/default/custom_index/css.php'.




  • Hey, new user around here... I really liked your themes (specially that little slide). I'll give it a try and then I'll send some feedback! Also been checkin your blog and I've already bookmarked it!
    I really like your style! :) Very "cleanish" design!

    Congrats and keep up!

  • Thank you @brunoc, I look forward to reading your feedback.  

  • @June:

    (a) '..go to the settings page - and 'save' -
        This can be handled via
        in the manifest.xml & trigger code in /activate.php.
    (b) '..problem.. with 1.8.6 - re. the cache
        me @curious re: details of the issue thx !? 

  • Hi Dhrup,

    (a) The new release (Easy Theme 1.3.2) redirects to the settings page when the plugin is activated.

    (b) Before elgg1.8.5, changes to the plugin settings page happened immediately, but after 1.8.5 you needed to clear the cache before the changes appeared.


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