Release Notes

Release notes:

  • The theme now has a Settings Page (so you no longer have to go into the css files to change the design elements)
  • Custom Index can be styled to match the design…
  • … and, if you have Custom Index enabled, there is the option of adding a Site Introduction.
  • How to add your own Favicon 
  • How to add a logo
  • All known issues from the last version have been addressed in this one.

This release has some significant differences, including the organisation of css files. So please keep that in mind if you have already set up your site with the old version. 

Important:   You need to visit the settings page - and save - before using the theme!

  • This fixes a path error

    Please leave some feedback if you have time - reassure me that it's working OK now :)

  • Hi Jubo,

    It works, Thanks for your support and contribution to this great elgg community~!


  • Layout seems to be a problem in internet explorer 8, in mozilla the rounded curves are present and seems to be not a problem.

  • You're just talking about the rounded corners on Custom Index boxes - yes?  ...and the menu tabs?

    Or are you seeing other layout issues?

    (IE older than IE 9 doesn't support css round corners, eg. this site reverts to square boxes and tabs in those browsers.)

  • I really like this, and it is working great in 1.8.2.  Thank you.

  • Thanks for this, it works great!!

  • Nice theme! Well done on this plug-in!

  • Hey, just wondering about the place where you can talk about the site. When I go back in to edit it, the content I put up the previous time is not there, so I can't edit it.

    Also I am curious about how I would go about getting more fields like that on the front page. I'd like to ditch the "Latest bookmarks, latest users" etc. and then just have more fields like that where I can kind of customize a landing page and make it a leaderboard and a place to put everyone's accomplishments. Is there an easy way to do that? I briefly looked through the code, but thought I'd ask if you might be able to point out where I might go about doing that. Thanks, really like the theme.

  • Hi,

    When I have time, I intend to change things so that the content always appears in the editing box. Until then...

    • If the editing box is left empty,  you can submit the form and no changes will be made to the introduction.
    • If you enter text in the editor it will make changes to the introduction text.  (eg. If I want to edit the intro, I just copy and paste the introduction back into the box, and go from there.)

    Your other issue is more about the 'custom index' than about EasyTheme.  If it helps, it is possible to put an unlimited amount of text into the editing box - but you will need to go into the code and delete (or rearrange) some of the other content to make room for it. 


  • I figured out how to get rid of the things I didn't want, but I'm still trying to figure out a way to duplicate the about site box so I can have multiple boxes. It's not that I just want more content, it's that I want it to be broken up into a few different modules. Thanks for the quick reply.

  • If you are using a logo the header_logo.php file will look like this...


     * Elgg header logo

    $site = elgg_get_site_entity();
    $site_name = $site->name;
    $site_url = elgg_get_site_url();

    <!-- LOGO HERE? -->
     <img src="mod/easytheme/graphics/logo.gif" />


    I don't know what your problem is with the header image.  It might be a cache issue - either with elgg or with your browser?

    (note... I haven't had a chance to check the theme since 1.8.1)

  • Jubo, I downloaded it to and tweeked it. But now my send mail does not work so no one can get validation emails. Any suggestions to fix this would be great. Thanks! 

  • Zombieman,

    Delete the H1 tags and all the text in between and replace with a code that looks like this:

    <a target="_blank" href=""&gt;

    <img border="0" src="" width="500" height="130"></a>

  • @flyby. I know how to do what you are asking, but it would be better written as a different plugin... and I'm not sure I have the time - or even if I'm the right person to write it (there are others who would write better code).  



  • @Zombieman Sorry that you weren't able to understand the tutorial - I hope that the above post from GYPSY has made it clearer?


  • @TheGYPSY. I don't see any reason for the theme causing problems with validation by email. Sorry I can't help.

  • Can you just tell me which bits of code you used to program that part of the index page? I think I'd be able to figure it out. I just need to figure out how to use the other values in what I think is an array. 

  • I am just learning Elgg and am trying to use EasyTheme to design the Elgg site to visually match our main website. On a fresh install of  1.8.3, Version - 2011123101, and EasyTheme 1.2, I am having trouble getting the CSS changes I make to show up.  I have flushed caches, clicked the upgrade button, deactivated/reactivated EasyTheme. It still seems to be using a version from a few hours ago.

    My goal is to modify the .elgg-page-default class so the entire wrapper can match the wrapper of our main site. I'm trying to add some padding, margin and border. I have mainly been trying to work in /mods/easytheme/actions/easytheme/save.php. Is that the right file?

  • Hi Paul,

    The css file you should be working in depends on what changes you are making.  'save.php' only includes the css elements refered to on the settings page. To change anything else you will need to look at the main css files.

    If you are still stuck... have a look at the earlier version of EasyTheme (1.1), it might be an easier starting point for what you want to do.


  • Paul,

    I've been thinking about this further.  You probably do need to edit 'save.php' for .elgg-page-default, but changes to 'save.php' won't show up until you have re-submitted the Settings page. That might be the answer to your first issue.

    Easytheme 1.1 doesn't have the setting page, but expects the user to edit the css files, which is why I think it might be better.

  • juBo,

    Thank you!! I opened the Easy Theme Settings panel, clicked Save, and all the work I did yesterday afternoon appeared exactly as I had expected to see.

  • The settings page?  If you go to Easy Theme 1.2, on the plugin page, there should be a link next to it saying 'Settings'.

    You can also get to the settings page by going to the admin dashboard. Right hand menu: 'configure', then 'settings', then 'Easy Theme'.

  • Footer padding problems

    Hi, I have a problem with the footer padding of " | Privacy | Terms | About | " : it's too far over to the right and the word "About" is slightly cut off - any ideas please ?



  • @joiwind

    I will add this to Easy Theme on the next update.  Until then... open mod/easytheme/action/easytheme/save.php... go to line 239 (or nearby) - you want the empty line before before the css for ".elgg-menu-site-default".

    Add this code:

    .elgg-menu-footer-default {
        float: right;

    Save the file.

    Then go to the EasyTheme settings page, and 'Save' the settings.



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