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Please let me know if you see any layout problems in Internet Explorer.

  • I'm downloading now to test. Friendly hug.

  • Very good indeed this plugin. So what is happening to me a problem because thebackground is flashing when I move through the site's sidebar. I'll try to change thebackground image to see if it gets good. Hug.

  • congrat................wonderful work. we need this type of theme

    I have downloaded and activated in my site

    Thanx a lot

  • "..intended as a starting point" ;-)
    Interesting approach style...
    Hope others will use this to learn
    to code their own Custom Theming.

  • Thanks for the positive feedback :)

    @Macillo,  Have you enabled the cache? Also, what browser are you using?  (I'm having 'page flashing' issues with Google Chrome and a Elgg 1.8 - not theme related.).

    @Manasi, Interesting to see how the theme works (and doesn't work) when dropped into a live site like that.  However, you need to - at least - change the main (escalators) image before using on a live site.  

  • @Drup

    Yes, I was hoping that it would be easy for someone to pick this theme apart and begin to learn how to create their own custom theme.  I haven't actually made many changes, so it shouldn't be overwhelming, and everything (well most of it :) ) is documented - both in the Readme file and within the css files themselves.

    Then again - for those who don't want to create a whole new theme - with this type of layout it is easy to choose a good photo, pick out a colour scheme from it, make a few simple changes... and get a website with it's own visual identity.  

  • True.. I agree w/. yr methodologies ;-X

    Most themes have been set-in-stone almost always so far; The only one I've seen was the "Deyan" Shell based that incorporated more on-the-fly customizing features.

    What you're doing is opening the customizing for those that *can code somewhat or better with css, html to do so more easily. That is similar to what I propose for my Themes - enough instructions so that people can have a good shot of 'making it their own' scheme ;) Unless people wanna be too lazy and expect it all on a 'golden gpl plate' and make no changes at all ! ;-P



  • Friend, how do I change the cache. I do not know much. You can tell if this file is in the elgg folder on the server or this. My page is in the air if you want a look at the link is


  • I could not activate the photo album. I think my version has no elgg 1.8. Can you give me some Surgeri? Sorry the bad English, is that I am Brazilian and not dominate their very language.

    Thank you.

  • If "photo album"="tidypics", you need to wait until elgg1.8.1 is released in a few weeks.

    Are you still having problems because your site is working OK for me? 

  • The "more" drop down menu doesnot drop down in IE9. Do you have a fix for this. The fix for the default Elgg theme seems to have been overwritten with this theme.

  • I think you should be able to fix this problem easily in this theme by just deleting a file:


    Let me know if it works? Thanks


  • I'm writing a tutorial about changing the large image, and creating the blue stripe behind the menu tabs.  I've found a mistake in the readme instructions.   (re. #mmtop)

    If you want to change the height of the image, you need to change the height property in both 'easy.php' (line 38) *and* change it in 'layout.php' (line 25).

    Sorry about the error.



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2018-1-10
  • Downloads: 12295
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