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Release Notes

This is the basic version and based on the feedback and suggestions, the next version will be released.

  • You can edit the start.php file in the plugin folder.

    add_menu('Live News', $CONFIG->wwwroot ."RSSNewsFeed/news");   

  • Hello. I've installed this on 1.8, and tried several RSS feed urls, including the ones on this page, but get just a blank page. The same urls work with other RSS feed readers on my machine, so I know they're valid RSS urls. Any ideas?

  • Can you pose that RSS feed url here?

  • Purus,

    Great Plugin I was just looking to add the 'please add mulitple feeds option' but I see you've already got that :) as I'm new to the elgg 1.8.1 crowd after finally upgrading server I like the new 'more' menu so I was wondering if you sort out the multiple feeds can you make them seperate menu links? so feed1 would be feed1 menu choice and feed2 for feed2 and so on...



  • @djSupport: I will think of having this feature. Thanks for feedback.

  • Hi Purus, I am not able to get this to work on my setup. Clicking on the menu item "Live News" takes me back to the activities page. I have tried several different RSS feeds, but no luck. What am I doing wrong?

  • Can you provide me link of our site?

  • Fantastic plugin well done, it will be good if you can add more than one feed.

    Heres some little customized tips i done for my site to this plugin.

    1. I didnt like the feed discription under the tittle (feed from it spoilt the look and its not really needed as all the permalinks work and go back to the site anyway.

    To remove this go to mod/RSSNewsFeed/views/defult/news.php  and if using Dream Weaver etc line 47. remove

    <p><?php echo $feed->get_description(); ?></p>  and this will stop it from showing

    2. Fantastic guy added a space to add adsence adds, this is fantastic

    Look for line 50

    <!-- Place you Adsense code here -->

    You may want to do as i did and place a <br/> like so

    <!-- Place you Adsense code here --><br/>

    i used a 468x60 add and it overlapped the title slightly so the xtra br was needed.


    This is a great plugin and i would love to help but im more of a designer than a programer although if i get time i will look into playing at making a plugin. Hope this lil tip helps.

    once again fantastic plugin well done buddy.

  • Thanks scotty. Happy to hear a positive feedback. :)

    You can fully customize the code as you need. And share the same as you have done here. :)

  • My first plugin, worked without a hitch. Thanks!

  • is there a way to add comments and likes to this? as someone stated earlier, the links in the feeds take users away from the site. it would be nice if we could make it so that each feed could be read within the site so your users would not be redirected to another website. there is an old plugin from 1.5 that was supposed to have the ability to make each feed a blog podt. here is the link for it:

    anybody know how we could incorporate that feature into this plugin?


  • Nudeler2

    I saw it mentioned above, but is there any way to use multiple RSS feeds?

    ToddP 105 days ago

    Yes, it possible. With little change in the plugin.

    I have already started to work on that.

    Purus 105 days ago


    Would like to know when or whether the new release will come.

  • Multiple Feeds ? Getting interesting here ;-) The few times I've played wth feeds before was to integrate singular feeds to logged-out & logged-in pages for some past projects. But now... !? picking up new project where Client wants * 28 Feeds to be integrated & also available via different Menu Links/SubLinks ++ of course no jumping out off the main site ever -- iframes/ modals only for the Feeds content. So... `ere we go `round the coding merry-go`round. I think this will involve :- (a) Defining each Feed's atrtibutes and content locations to be able to (b) Present appropriately as/ where needed.

  • where could i add this function to this plugin to put add comments to the feeds:


    function elgg_view_comments(ElggEntity $entity)
  • Getting the following on Elgg 1.8.3 and feed isn't displaying.  Any ideas?

    You can combine multiple feeds into one feed using Yahoo Pips ( and then use that one feed in the plugin.  Works as long as you don't need to display the feeds separately.

    Deprecated in 1.8: page_draw() was deprecated in favor of elgg_view_page() in 1.8. Called from [#5] /home/userx/public_html/elgg/mod/RSSNewsFeed/pages/RSSNewsFeed/news.php:23
  • I will try to have the new version by this weekend...

  • Ok, the error above was as easy as editing news.php line 23 as indicated in the error.  This error was displayed on the Live News page in Elgg.  The following two errors were on the plugin's settings page.  They were also as easy as editing the specified files as indicated:

    Deprecated in 1.8: settings/RSSNewsFeed/edit was deprecated in favor of plugins/RSSNewsFeed/settings Called from [#8] /home/userx/public_html/elgg/engine/lib/views.php:503

    Deprecated in 1.8: You should pass $vars['name'] now instead of $vars['internalname'] Called from [#11] /home/userx/public_html/elgg/mod/RSSNewsFeed/views/default/settings/RSSNewsFeed/edit.php:19

     -> [#10] /home/userx/public_html/elgg/engine/lib/views.php:503

    So, the only error that remains is:

    Deprecated in 1.8: settings/RSSNewsFeed/edit was deprecated in favor of plugins/RSSNewsFeed/settings Called from [#8] /home/userx/public_html/elgg/engine/lib/views.php:503

    How is that one handled?

  • Another update - I created the directory structure for /plugins/RSSNewsFeed/ and copied edit.php there and renamed it settings.php.  After that I had one more of the 'name' errors to fix and that was that.  We are now error free... with one catch.  On the Live News page we see:

    Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested.

    And we've tried multiple feeds that are valid.  Seems like the last piece to the puzzle?

  • @Lee: I faced the same problems you described above. But I was able to see the RSS feeds. Once I changed "page_draw" to "elgg_view_page" as you suggested, I got the error "sorry. we could not find the pages you requested".

    Has anyone fixed these issues yet?

  • Yeah, changing elgg_view_page back to page_draw (but keeping the rest of the modifications) did the trick.  The deprecated warning only appears to admin users.  

  • Hi - firstly, you can use Google Reader to aggregate feeds as well. One cool thing you can do with reader is get a feed containing only items you have 'liked' - or if 'liked' is trademarked to facebook, whatever Google calls it.

    What I would like to know is if each group can define their own feeds and display those feeds on a group page. That would be cool :-)


  • New Version please lol. Oh and tanks for all the plugins, well done you.

    Also i have search high and low for a decent RSS weather feed to use with this and i cannot find one anywhere, is there any specific RSS layout/code i should be looking for, how can i get hold of one. Basiclly i need UK National weather, thats it it sounds so simple. if you can help i would be very greatful. Keep up with the good work. ThankYou 

  • I second the new version.  :)  I'm seeing a little inconsistency with this one that's kicking my butt.

  • Happy to know that you guys liked my plugin. :)

    I am sorry to say that due to some personel commitments, I will not be able to any such things for another 4-5 months.

    I will be active again after few months.


Its long time guys to be here.. I am now concentrating on my own plugin development projects for my customers. So not able to be active as before in ELGG.


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