Google Adsense and Analytics 1.8 v1.8

Release Notes

This final version adds Ads in more pages of your ELGG network.

It places the ads in all the page, so that you can get maximum revenue out of it.

This version supports Google Adsense Ads in all pages. No coding. Just place the Publisher ID and Slot ID in the Admin settings and you are done!!!

If you are happy with my effort, please contribute some cents/$ to my paypal ID .


Fix for the issue when going to Setttings page:

1) Open the file "mod/advanced_google_tools/languages/fr.php"

2) In the last two lines, replace the following

'advanced-google-tools:lblAdsenseHelp'    => 'Pour plus d'informations sur Adsense visitez ',    'advanced-google-tools:lblAnalyticsHelp'  => 'Pour plus d'informations sur Analytics visitez '


with the following (double quotes)


'advanced-google-tools:lblAdsenseHelp'    => "Pour plus d'informations sur Adsense visitez ",    'advanced-google-tools:lblAnalyticsHelp'  => "Pour plus d'informations sur Analytics visitez "

  • This is compatible with others programs?? I use  smowtion and clicksor. I dont use adsense.

  • @Emanuel: As the plugin name suggests, it works for only Google Adsense. Please let me know your requirement, so that I could release a better version of this plugin which suits others too.

    @Galfa: I have not tested under 1.7 version. There are already couple of Adsense plugins for 1.7 version.

  • @Emanuel:

    What has your own experience been with Smowtion & Clicksor ?
    Good, Bad, In-between.. ?

    How would you compare those with
    Google AdSense, ContextWeb and AdsDaq ??

    It should be not too hard to setup parameters for those as well..

    I am lookng to create Ads for the left and right hand sideon the Elgg layout --
    about 1 inch on both sides which are "empty" ;)


  • After reading the post by Emanuel, I did a google study on these Ads provider. Clicksor does not score well. I came to know InfoLinks works well in terms of payout and it can be used along with Adsense.

    As per the TOS of Adsense, this plugin displays 3 Ads (Footer, Sidebar and over the content). So there is scope to use the other available spacs.

    For making the coding easy, I have made the code available in GitHub.

    Please feel free to contribute your expertise on ELGG. :)

  • Hi, ifound that when actice this tools, setting page on user cannot load properly and admin setting page basic setting page display ((HTTP 500 Internal Server Error).

    How can solve this problem, thanks

  • I am not sure about this error. Can you post an image for your page?

    I have not came across any kind of problem with this plugin in my installation.

  • Jack,

    Thanks for the image. Can you also give the link which gives the error. From the image I could not find the link, so that I can test.

  • Jack,

    I found the reason for this issue, fixed and tested it.

    This is due to the use of single quotes in a langue file(Fr), where the string itself has a single quotes.

    Fix for this: (Let me know if this works)

    1) Open the file "mod/advanced_google_tools/languages/fr.php"

    2) In the last two lines, replace the following

    'advanced-google-tools:lblAdsenseHelp'    => 'Pour plus d'informations sur Adsense visitez ',
        'advanced-google-tools:lblAnalyticsHelp'  => 'Pour plus d'informations sur Analytics visitez '


    with the following (double quotes)


    'advanced-google-tools:lblAdsenseHelp'    => "Pour plus d'informations sur Adsense visitez ",
        'advanced-google-tools:lblAnalyticsHelp'  => "Pour plus d'informations sur Analytics visitez "

  • I am currently working on including Google Search. When I release that, I will include this fix also.

    Thanks for letting me know this issue.

  • the problem have been solve, thanks for help, good luck !

  • Happy to know that it worked for you too :)


  • It works absolutely fine in my site Thanx for developing such a damandable plugin

  • Thanks Manasi for your feedback. Will be happy to hear your suggestions too :) is my elgg powered website. 

  • I have received a policy violation notice from Google adwords whi are reporoduced below.

    Hello Manasi,

    Thank you for your email. Hope you are doing good and had a nice weekend.

    I understand you are concerned about the disabling of your site
    '' and you've now made changes to the site so we can
    re-review your site. Manasi, I had a look at your site and noticed that
    even after the changes you've made, it is still in violation of our
    'Arbitrage' policy.

    Per this policy, we do not permit ads directing to landing pages that are
    designed to show ads while providing relatively little valuable content or
    other experience to the user (a practice known as "arbitrage").

    In your site, I noticed that there are a lot of ads. Manasi, apart from
    having original content on your site, it should also have less ads
    compared to content. The space occupied by ads on your site is greater
    than content on most pages. Please note that this is not acceptable per
    our policies.

    Also, note that it is just not the landing page of the ad we take in to
    consideration while reviewing for compliance. We look at all the pages of
    your site. So just by changing the ads landing page, your ads will not be


    Manasi, to be considered compliant, you will have to reduce the space
    occupied by ads on your site. Please ensure that the space occupied by ads
    doesn't over shadow the space occupied by content. Please make sure that
    you comply with this criteria on all the pages.

    Please note that when reviewing, we analyze whether the browser display
    area consists of unique and relevant content. This excludes search boxes,
    headers, navigation links, logos, etc. The site must have user value other
    than providing ads.

    More information about this specific policy can be found at:

    Manasi, please make the necessary changes and write back to me, so I can
    have your site re-evaluated by our specialists.

    I appreciate your understanding in this matter. Let me know in case you
    have any other concern and I'll be happy to help you.

    Have a great day! :)


    The Google AdWords India Team


    Now as I have simply active the plug in, it shows ads in all the pages including registration page and blank pages. Thus Google has objected.


    Please find a solution so that ad display can restrict in registration page and blak page and policy violation can be avoided


  • Manasi,

    What I feel is that, you have made your website, a walled one. So the problem is noticed by Google.

    As per their policy, they need more content, than ads in a page.


    Any other thoughts from other users?

  • Ads <=> Content Ratio of course matters but Meister Manasi might just have too many Ad Blocks per web-page triggered and too little content (stagnating site?) anyways.. ;-)

    @Purus -- you might think about some counter of blocks (Views) that the Admin activates and "Warn" them LOL Z;-P

  • DDS,


    As per the Google Adsense TOS, my plugin activates just 3 ads block in any given page. So thats perfectly fine.

  • Hmm.. 
    OkiDoki U did yr home-work ! I didna know that -}
    So it's over to Man-asi to fix his site lolz ;-oO;X

  • hehhaa...

    Let her come with the solution for her. She might need to add more content or disable the plugin, if she wants to have it as as walled network.

  • The objection came from Google Adwords team and not from Google Adsense team. I have done nothing extra. only I restrict ti see the contents of the site before registration. At registration form, Adsensence ad is also there where obviously content is less. They objected that also. So there must be some settings so that we can restric adds in certain pages.

  • ok. I will try to find some solution for you ASAP.

  • Works great for my purposes with one exception. Clicking on an ad takes the user away from my site to the advertiser site instead of opening the ad site in a new window or tab. For obvious reasons I don't want to re-direct traffic away from my own site. Is there a way to make the ads open in a separate window?


Its long time guys to be here.. I am now concentrating on my own plugin development projects for my customers. So not able to be active as before in ELGG.


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