Chat plugin (Frei Chat) for Elgg 1.8.X v1.6

Release Notes

Updated freichat vendor lib to 7.2

  • i have this installed ok.. i've been attempting to use the theme editor to create a theme for my site and there are many issues with it. has anyone got their theme to work using the built in theme editor?
    i can create one (not able to edit all elements, just some) and then save it.. when i choose the theme in the settings instead of 'basic', the chat doesn't load at all. 

  • i also notice that this plugin causes other site elements to fail, such as the image slider that comes with widget manager.. and the animated info box in river_addon.
    haven't located why this is yet, any tips welcomed. 

  • Try to disable the jquery conflict in the chat admin panel.

  • ah yes, that got it, thanks.

  • Freichat 7.3 released, can you please update this perfect plugin?

  • I got the following error message when installing the chat software: engine/settings.php is not readable.  Can anyone help with this? 

  • sometimes..
    i dare to wonder -
    if people, in general, know about this website called '' ?
    i kinda-sorta wandered over there and thought -->
    .    well this plugin in coded by 'webgalli'
    .    it's name is freichat
    .    and the error message 'not readable'
    so-o-o, still puzzled.. i typed into google this -->
    webgalli freichat not readable
    and then clicked on the 'search' button' and..
    holy shamoly, whatchallits itsmuahluckyday !
    somewhere the on the first google search results page,
    without even scrolling down any further
    was the solution to this exact problem,
    described in detail by none other than...
    'WebGalli' themselves !;oO;X;P
    and.. in MBA lectures,
    they often talk in lingo..
    so, maybe - in this case 'lessons-learned' =
    let us google it first and see if we get lucky ?;-P


  • dont they have a readme.txt file in the plugin, that refers you to their page with specific instructions?  also, frei-chat/envix themselves have a webpage, with butt-loads of instructions (including some for elgg, imagine that).  guess people would rather be spoon fed then try to learn something


  • Thank you Webgalli for making this plugin available and for the clear installation steps.

    In the walled-garden setup, after log out, the users' window of the chat still lurks in the bottom-right corner of the login screen. It is not a normal situation. Something could be wrong in my setup?

  • did you go to the webgalli webpage and scroll down and read?  cant remember exactly what the code is, but its something like if elgg_is_logged_in....blah, blah blah........its on the webpage

  • @costakisc Indeed! Thank you. And also thanks to Matt Beckett for this convenient fix.

  • mmm. I seem to have a problem with the fix (*). Now the chat is not displayed even when user is logged in. I flushed the caches, reinstalled/configured the plugin from scratch but still the same. Without the fix the char window is visible when user is not logged in (walled garden) and with the fix, it disappears even for the logged in user. Any ideas? regs. 

    (*) changing the line 3 of iews/default/chat/chat.php to:

    if (elgg_get_plugin_setting(‘chat_installed’, ‘chat’) == ‘yes’ && elgg_is_logged_in()) {

  • <?php
     *    Elgg chat plugin
     *    Author : Sarath C | Team Webgalli
     *    Team Webgalli | Elgg developers and consultants
     *    Mail :
     *    Web    : |
     *    Installation info :
     *    Skype : 'team.webgalli'
     *    @package Elgg-chat
     *     Plugin info : Facebook like ajax chat for elgg
     *    Licence : GNU2
     *    Copyright : Team Webgalli 2011-2015
    if (elgg_get_plugin_setting('chat_installed', 'chat') == 'yes' && elgg_is_logged_in()) {
        //    For uninstalling ME , first remove/comment all FreiChatX related code i.e below code
        //    Then remove FreiChatX tables frei_session & frei_chat if necessary
        //    The best/recommended way is using the module for installation
        if(isset($_SESSION["guid"])==true) {$ses=$_SESSION["guid"]; } else {$ses=0;}
        function freichatx_get_hash($ses){
            $file_name = elgg_get_plugins_path() . 'chat/vendors/freichat/arg.php';
                       require ($file_name);
                       $temp_id =  $ses . $uid;
                       return md5($temp_id);
               } else {
                       echo "<script>alert('module freichatx says: arg.php file notfound!');</script>";
               return 0;
    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascipt" src="<?php echo elgg_get_site_url();?>mod/chat/vendors/freichat/client/main.php?id=<?php echo $ses;?>&xhash=<?php echo freichatx_get_hash($ses); ?>"> </script>    
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo elgg_get_site_url();?>mod/chat/vendors/freichat/client/jquery/freichat_themes/freichatcss.php" type="text/css">
        //  Current Version 7.2

  • thats is my complete chat.php code, it is currently working on my site for only logged in users


  • Thanks a lot costakisc. The only difference between your code and what I have seems to be the single quote around the chat_installed and chat in the first if statement.The code I copied from website has ’"" whereas your has "'". With mine, they are not treated as literals. Thanks a lot.


  • I've seen some performance degredation claims about the freichat. Does anybody use this in an operational site without major performance issues? There also seems to be a paid version (only for 25-35$) which claimst to be better on performance. Any experience with that_ regs.

  • Hello, I have a problem with the cheat. After logging me disappear ... But when I'm logged works flawlessly. You do not know what it could be? Thanks for your help ...

  • How I can remove Powered By EvNix from the footer chat bar? I have searched a lot in google did so much search and also tried to remove Powered By EvNix codes from few files, but Powered By EvNix in footer chat is a nightmare just won't go away :(

    I have seen some people they have removed Powered By EvNix without purchasing that software. Please help if someone knows how to get rid of Powered By EvNix? Because users are keep click on that and they redirect to EvNix site :(



  • you can use this css to remove the logo:

    #frei_user_brand > div > font,
    display:none !important;


  • as a note kiss, it is a violation of frei chat terms of use or gpl or whatever its called to remove that "powered by" without purchase

  • @K4e and Urasol : Removing the powered by Evnix credits is a violation of license. When compared with the other paid chat softwares, freichat costs negligible fee only. So purchase a license of the chat software and support the devs. You are then free to remove any credits or back links.

  • Please how can i make freichat show both logged in and logged out friends like facebook. Please help. I want to set it as my message plugin.

  • i'm not using it on my sites and choose not to use money, i provided that code for reference. your will is your will.

  • thanks for the reply, I can not buy SORRY !! I could buy why would I ask here how to remove the brand?

    ura soul thanks for the code but I can see css files in few places did remove few codes called brand but I could not find the same code as u mentioned above :(

    Help friends, I have seen lots of people useing this plugin and they removed brand without paying.


  • so if somebody else breaks a law, its ok for everybody to do it..........using a plugin in violation of the license is the same as theft.  the dev's work hard to make the plugins and that is there way of offering it for free and get some advertisement.

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