Access Plus v2.0

Release Notes

This version has had much of the back end logic rewritten and updated (apparently I've learned a lot in a year) for better practices and hopefully less buggy performance.  That said, this is a very tricky part of the system to modify, and arguably the most important, so PLEASE TEST THOROUGHLY AND PROVIDE FEEDBACK.

Due to the broad nature of the changes I can't guarantee this version is back-compatible with any previous versions, hence the 2.0 release.

Changes in this release:

- Major Upgrade - no guaranteed back compatibility - sorry

- more logical elgg action handling

- no more direct database queries!

- better handling of synclist

- new plugin hook: 'access_plus', 'selected_options' allows others to override checked items

- new plugin hook: 'access_plus', 'available_options' allows others to override available items

- collections now tracked via relationships between access objects

- all metacollections updated on collection add/remove hooks

- properly updates metacollections containing all friends on add/remove friend events

- cron sync now works with correct permissions

- cron sync now appropriately uses relationships instead of serialized arrays

  • this is a great idea !, will test this over the weekend !

  • Default group access (from group_tools) doesn't work with version 2.0.

  • Found a bug: when turn off multi acces, there is no link to turn on.

    Fix in view/default/input/access.php:

        // it's been blacklisted, show the regular access control
        echo elgg_view('input/access_original', $vars);
        //return; // ******************** Remove this line **********************

  • Hi, is it possible to add a group in general access choice ?

    Don't know if my ask is understable :s

    I want my group to have an access to another group, without allow more people

  • @Loic: Well there seems to be this:

    But I doubt it still works with version 2.0 (as it is a rewrite), didn't check though.

    In general I agree, just having the option to add friend-categories might be nice for private sites where users want to post things only to their friend groups, but for a proffessional networking site it doesn't add much. Being able to post things to multiple groups at once would be a nice feature though.


  • Thanks for this great plugin, Matt.

    I found a bug when selecting ACCESS_PRIVATE and one custom_friendlist. In this case ACCESS_PRIVATE will be removed from the access-array and a metacollection will be created without a further check if the metacollection is still necessary. This results in a new metacollection with just only one value (id) and a wrong access-id.

    To fix this issue edit the /lib/functions.php in line 266 and add a if-procedure to check the items of $access:

    if (count($access) == 1) {
        return $access[0];
    } else {
        $new_access_id = access_plus_merge_collections($access); // ***** original line 266 *****

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