Access Plus v1.2

Release Notes

Upgraded deprecated functions for 1.8.3

quick back-to-back releases because I missed one function.


Known Limitations:

Admin toggle function does not work intuitively for widgets as the position of the widget on the page affects it's identification.  eg. Blog widget at the top of the left column is treated differently than a blog widget at the top of the middle column.  All widgets handle multiple access though so there should be no reason to disable it.

Due to the necessity of maintaining the metacollections, if the plugin is disabled the metacollections will remain in the state they are at the time of disabling.  One potential unintended scenario that could happen is as follows:

1. Plugin is enabled

2. A user creates a blog post, sets multiple collections for access

3. Plugin is disabled

4. The user removes a friend from one of the access collections

5. The removed friend still has access to the post because the metacollection wasn't updated with the removal change


Also the reverse is possible

1. Plugin is enabled

2. User creates a blog post, sets multiple collections for access

3. Plugin is disabled

4. The user adds a new friend to one of the access collections

5. The added friend does not have access to the post because the metacollection wasn't updated with the new friend

There is a sync function that is called on cron after a user logs in or out, so these problems will correct themselves if the plugin is re-enabled.  I don't foresee it being a major issue unless you're constantly toggling it off and on.


Please report bugs through the github issue tracker, thanks!

  • What a grrrrrrreat plugin. Recommended.

    Is it possible to change the way that the choices of Private, Friends, Logged-in Users, Public are displayed so they are in a line, instead of a list.?

  • you can change the layout of it in views/default/input/access.php

    If you're doing that, you might only want to change those options as the friends collections can be named anything and it will get really cluttered inline.

    Also, keep in mind that the width scales to the container, so it might not always be the full page width.

  • I found that this plugin messes up the group access levels when you have "allow private groups" set to yes.  When you select public, or friends, It is always set to private and nobody can see the group or river update.


  • I'll take a look, thanks for letting me know.

  • I've had a look, and the groups plugin does some wonky stuff for the visibility that's not typical of other permissions settings.  Since this plugin is pretty much a proof of concept, it would take a fair bit more hackery to make it work for this specific case.  Unfortunately, for now I'll just have to say it's incompatible with that setting.  Sorry Stumpy, but that is why I built in the toggle, so you can turn off the multi-access interface for that setting and use it as normal while keeping this plugin active where it does work.

  • Oh so the multi-access settings are only for admin?

    cool,  thanks again

  • Yes, only admin sees the "enable/disable multi-access" toggle link.  If the admin toggles multi-access off for a specific setting, then it's turned off for everyone on the site and uses the default dropdown menu with single access options.

  • I disabled multi-access for groups & still no luck... groups are not visible for other members...

  • @meril - once it's disabled you have to reselect public and re-save the group

  • Hi Matt,

    I am having an issue with your plugin in elgg 1.8.8, tidypics 1.8.0.-rc1 or the file plugin. Whenever I change an access level on an album or file, all users legally accessing the album/file see zero pictures/files. This can be fixed for tidypics by opening the "sorting" function of tidypics and re-saving the album. I do not have a workaround for the files plugin yet.

    Any ideas?

  • This plugin doesn't work for me in both 1.7 and 1.8 versions of elgg. I doesn't get saved properly.

    In elgg 1.7 - when I check the multiple levels and save, it either gets all unchecked on unchanged, or will get checked another access levels.

    In elgg 1.8 - The multiple access doesn't show up for write access. It shows only for read access. and messes up the same way as in 1.7

    Please Help...



  • Sorry Jijo - this plugin hasn't been touched in almost a year - even then it was experimental at the time.  There's been lots of changes with Elgg since and I wouldn't be surprised if it needed some work.

    At the moment I don't have any plans or time to work on this.

  • Thanks Matt. Please keep us posted if you make an update. I will do the same.

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