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'My Case Studies Upload' is a plugin to share good elearning practices with community users and get feedback from the other members.

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'My Case Studies Upload' is a plugin developed for the Hextlearn Community.

The main functionality lets users sharing practices with others (add, edit and delete good practices). Furthermore, there is a automatic tag recommendation system to propose tags for a good practice. This system uses API Google and Delicious services, information from Google Scholar and Wikipedia, to offer tags for user's practices.

Also, there are multiple ways to show good practices from a site:

Friendship criteria:

  •     Friend's Practices
  •     Practices most recently seen by friends
  •     Friend Practice Cloud 

User's criteria (Pub date/Viewed/Commented/Rated)   

  •     Chronologically sorted practices
  •     Most viewed Practices
  •     Most recently viewed Practices
  •     Most recently commented Practices
  •     Most rated Practices
  •     Highest rating Practices

Practices group by search criteria:

  •     Practices sorted by affected elearning Territories   
  •     Tag Practice Cloud

The plugin provides too, the possibilty to submit a practice to Reviewer Group for being reviewed by a member of this Group. Only a Reviewer Group member has privileges to view a sent good practice to be reviewed.

A Reviewer group member can submit an interest in review a practice and the Steering Committee Group members, would receive a internal message with this information.

These Groups can be chosen from setting plugin page, from the existing site groups. The plugin offers usage statistics and other relevant information in the setting plugin page.

Furthermore, the plugin has been translated to English and Spanish.

Finally, you also can try a demo (spanish) here:


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 900
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