[Elgg 1.8: German Language Pack] vr15

Release Notes

Changelog for r15:

  • Update of main language file for Elgg 1.8.14,
  • Update of installation language file for Elgg 1.8.14.
  • i have your german pack installed and it works great!  do you think it would be possible to use your german pack plugin files and somehow make a new language pack by simply replacing the english/german words with other languages....like french?  if so, i could help add a few more languages-french, czech, italian.   i am just having trouble getting the french language pack working- it's not as easy as yours where you just upload it to the mod folder (i like that). plus, yours works well with the language selector plugin...i don't see the french language "flag" showing up with that plugin either)  thanks for your thoughts...

  • You can create language pack "plugins" for other languages by using the same file structure as the German language pack plugin and adjusting the language iso code in the add_translation() command at the bottom of the language files according to the target language. I've got the motivation to create a language pack plugin for German when I found Coldtrick's Dutch language pack plugin. Before I had come across this plugin I had published the language files also only in the way other language packs do it, i.e. requiring the user to copy the files into the correct folder. Making it a plugin seemed the much better way.

    Starting with the German language pack plugin you would need to modify the info in manifest.xml accordingly. Then you would need to change the "de" iso code in the add_translation() commands within the language files to the code of the language you want to provide the translations for (the code for most languages are to be found at the end of Elgg's main language file). For clarity you can also change the "de" in the filenames to the iso code of your language. Also, you would must change the "de" in the filename of views/default/js/languages/de.php and the "de" within this file. The main part of the work is translating the language strings then - what's right of the => in the files. You should make sure that you save the files in UTF8 encoding without BOM (Byte order mark) or it's likely that there are problems later when using the language pack plugin on your site. Basically, you only need a text editor that is capable of saving the files in the correct encoding for creating a language pack.

  • wow, thanks very much... i'm hoping to get around to working on this in the coming weeks. :)


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-2-12
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