Embed Extender v1.8.3

Release Notes

Removed some deprecated functions and some bugs thanks to Matt.

A new version, with better support to custom providers, is on the way.

  • EmbedX doesn't affect group pages in my projects...

  • Ok thanks Matt and DhrupDeScoop, that gives me hope that my problem can be solved at least. I'm seeing it on 2 Elgg installations.

  • look for those 'conflicts'..
    better still disable all 3rd party plugins except groups & embedx.. then test !
    my embedx 1.8.13 test site here is same -> clean !!
    & btw '.. know the code inside this plugin almost as if i wrote the code myself '
    -> did not ring any bells and light any lights already ?
    you'd be surprised if u knew what and where and how much.. ;oO;X

  • i am looking for a way to allow admins to add javacript to textbox fields across the whole site..
    however, editing the embed extender to support more embed types would probably be a wiser choice.. so does anyone have any tips / notes on how to do that?
    i see there is a custom.php file and readme in the plugin but neither provide much info on what is needed.

    i see there is a pattern matching function for each provider type.. so if i wanted to add support for scribd embeds, i would need to make a scribd pattern matching function.. and then there is a formatting function. and i also see a handler registered in the start.php file for the example 'yahoo' custom provider.. so.. is there any other step i'm missing? other than those 3?

    also, does anyone have any custom providers already coded? perhaps a repository for them?

  • This plugin broke my Elgg.

    I did a lot of work and I installed a number of components.

    With this component after installing Elgg seems to white pages.
    I removed a component, it did not help.

    I suppose that I need to install all over again.

    My elgg version is 1.8.16

  • fyi, this code does not function with https sites as it is.
    the regex functions need to be altered to handle both http and https.
    See this thread: http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1621718/ecml-and-embed-extender-embedding-videos

  • Does this conflicts with the core embed plugin?

  • @ura: Thanks. I will check
    @rj: No (In theory).

  • This is a great plug in. It has worked perfectly for me on 1.8.19. But there is one issue that i just noticed.

    All posts show up double, one video on top of another in the same post. Over time one of the videos may disappear leaving a blank space the size of the video in its place (which is why i hadn't noticed this b4). Do you have any ideas on how to correct this or what may be causing this?

  • This is great, but not working with YouTube playlist links

  • @Beck24 Cannot make it with vimeo videos. They simply won't display, but the area for the video do show. Maybe it has something to do with vimeo's new player? Moogaloop's been deprecated.

    Don't know how to modify the player in the plugin, or...

    any idea?


  • @rivervanrain, not working... now, if http vimeo video it simply shows vimeo video url, and if https, "impossible to embed vimeo video"...

  • @sauko

    simply shows vimeo video url


    - htmlawed filtes; -custom plugin's settings; -browser's conflict with swf

    and if https

    Vimeo works w/o https but http only

  • -browser's conflict with swf

    @rivervanrain, checked chrome and firefox... nothing...

    In opera it works!!!!

    What could be the cause? Flash player updated... firefox and chrome updated...


  • Humm.. I think opera revealed an interesting point.

    My site is under https, using "force https" plugin, and also in htaccess i wrote some rules.

    Opera is showing the vimeo video, but i first have to say ok to a sliding window that warns me about sending secured information from my site to an unsecure "player.vimeo.com".

    Maybe Opera and Chrome are saying "no way!"... so there might be a problem somewhere else with this..

  • @rivervanrain Solved finally!

    My site is https, so I needed to update urls.

    I simply added "https" instead of "http" for vimeo embed urls to your version in lib/embedvideo.php, as Ura says in this post: https://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1621718/ecml-and-embed-extender-embedding-videos

    Thanks for your help!


  • i think to support BOTH http and https links - you need to put a question mark symbol after the https part of the pattern regex for each site.

    i am looking to extend this to support liveleak videos presently. unfortunately, the liveleak id codes for the embeds are different to the ids used for the main page URL.. so the implementation will differ slightly to the other sites. if anyone has a working solution for liveleak, i would appreciate knowing.

  • @ura soul Right. This pattern works for vimeo:



    i am looking to extend this to support liveleak videos 

    Can you get the LiveLeak's endpoint for me ?  I'll try to debug it..


  • i hacked a solution for liveleak by making the embed process run from the embed code from liveleak, rather than the usual page URL. this did work correctly on my site but unfortunately liveleak doesn't support https at all, so since my site is https only - there is no way for me to embed liveleak content without breaking the cross domain restrictions. using the CORS protocol apparently would ocercome the problem, but by the time i had finished reading it's description i had lost the will to carry on! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-origin_resource_sharing)

    i'm not sure what you mean by liveleak's endpoint.. i just loaded a liveleak video and looked at the url and embed code format for it.

  • looking around online, i notice that embedly already provides an api for accessing most video sharing sites in one place and will even allow us to access http videos using https links - which is great for https-only sites.
    i notice that there is already an elgg plugin for embedly which appears to do what embed extender does, but supports 300+ websites!

    the only issue is that the filesize looks strangely small for the 1.8 version and it has not been updated for 3 years!

    has anyone tested this?

  • I don't like plugins which provide external services. But if you want it then I recommend to try these plugins:




  • aha, ok thanks - i thought there were some more available.

    i prefer avoiding external services too - however, the internet is always evolving and it's much easier to let someone else manage the perfecting of embed codes for an ever changing list of sites.

    that said, if the native parser in hypeEmbed works ok, then maybe there is no need to use an external service at all.

    on top of that, i don't have an answer as to how to embed non https links into https pages without using some type of process like embedly offers and i don't have code available to handle that here presently.

  • Is there any way to to have a mp3 player auto embed on elgg comments that embed extender has uploaded an audio file to instead of the current media icon?

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