Embed Extender v1.8.1

Release Notes

  • Corrected some issues
  • Added support for youtu.be URLs
  • Huge performance improvements (Very fast loading pages)
  • New release friends. The plugin was almost written from scratch and the performance had a huge improvement. I will release a 1.7 version with the performance improvements and the youtu.be support soon.

  • ? ;-P that soon ? and i was still @ testing the last one !! lolz !;oO;X;P you 'cabeça cérebro evoluiu' ! oxoxox & lolz;-) cheers meu amigo & keep coding ;-)

  • I test and doesn't work for me at least in comentaries. Tomorrow I will try in other parts.

    Maybe am I doing somethin wrong in the installation process or configuration??

  • Excuse me, I'm really stupid. Plugins works perfectly. My problema was I was pasting the same youtube link I was already published. That way only appear the link, not the video. I try with another link different and works perfectly.

    Congratulations for the plugin (and the work:P), I'm going to recomend it inmediatly!;)

  • @DDS: Take a look in the code. It´s very small and simple now. And, thanks to a new approach, the plugin is called only 3 or 4 times during page loading. Tha previous version could call the plugin until 100x!

  • Awesome plugin, thank's Ray J


    Just one thing:

    It will be perfect to show an embed video in activity river, not just a link!

  • @Ev: read the older version's comments - that's an old issue with length of excerpted string in the View being used for River. it can't be done without too much more messy code..

  • Nudeler2

    The issue with video not shown in activity page: does this depend on the length of text written? Or what string you mean, Dhrup?

  • @Evgeni, Nudeler: The river shows only a excerpt of the content. So, the river could show half of the youtube´s URL, generating parsing problems (Malformed URLs).

    An user posted a code hack in a older version, but I can´t implement a functionality that not works 100% of the time. Look for older comments, but like I said, use at your risk. I don´t recommend.

  • @Ray J First off i do appreciate what you are doing! Thanks again! :)

    Now the code the user post, no-one can figure out why it is unstable? It would make a whole lot of sense to also show the video in the activity feeds, when the url is left like that it tends to make your users wonder away from the site, not that if they want to go to youtube anyone can stop them but it kinda take the fun outta being able to keep it all in your site :)

  • @RaYJ:- gimme some time to spe looking @ identifying, extracting, displaying embedded video URL in river posts. I've (already) done some preliminary code-peeking to see where the URL falls of ;-) Let's see if it can be brought back and used for embed.

  • Hi,

    and if i wish to add the video to the river? there is a way to exceed the number of 200 chars?



  • @Aki76: Its impossible. As I said, everyone can develop a hack to allow embeding in activity river, but the official plugin will not have this feature.

  • @Aki76

    Thanks the plugin is awesome.  found a weird little bug though,  When I embed a youtu.be URL into a blog etc, It gives me two videos but if i use the URL I am given after clicking the share button, it works fine.  is this as it should be and i'm being an idiot? lol

  • @Ray J

    it doesn't work in elgg 1.8.1 and 1.8.3, do you know why?



  • @Insanedb: Explain better, please.

  • Fatal error: Cannot redeclare videoembed_create_embed_object() (previously declared in /home/content/95/8868495/html/mod/embed_extender/lib/embedvideo.php:34) in /home/content/95/8868495/html/mod/videos/lib/embed_video.php on line 65


    what should I do?

    and please be clear cause I'm not good at programing

  • i have the same problem like insanedb. I would like to display videos in activity. it doesnt work for me. tried the code from the older release and edited it, but still dont work.

    tried this for myself (iam very new to PHP :-/ ) added this to start.php:


        $activity_show = elgg_get_plugin_setting('activity_show', 'embed_extender');       
        if($activity_show == 'yes'){
            register_plugin_hook('view', 'object/activity', 'embed_extender_rewrite');

    and that to settings.php


    $activity_show = $vars['entity']->activity_show;
    if (!$activity_show) $activity_show = 'no';


    also enabled the option in plugin-setting, but it all doesnt work. Can you help me ?

  • 'videos in activity' will take some brain work because as stated quite many several times before - there is the 200 char limit on river items - by which time the entity's' original attributes are 'lost' to the code handling the river displays. ray-the-man has said -- 'As I said, everyone can develop a hack to allow embeding in activity river, but the official plugin will not have this feature.' ;-P there's a fair bit of code to manipulate, synpases to fire, cells to lose and.. and not enough spare free time floating around to code that up.

  • oh i see. it would be a great plugin. i think lots of people could need it :)

    thank you for your explanation


  • For the Fatal error: Cannot redeclare videoembed_create_embed_object() (previously declared in /home/content/95/8868495/html/mod/embed_extender/lib/embedvideo.php:34

    with videos plugin enabled too..

    I went through embed_extender/lib/embedvideo and renamed all functions to functioname2()

    (added the 2 after all references - maybe 25 edits an d its working fine now )

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