Embed Extender v1.7.4

Release Notes

  • Added a custom library, allowing to developers create customized embed code. It´s useful to embed local content providers and formats still not supported by the official plugin. In the custom library I put a code allowing the embedding of Yahoo Videos. The code works fine, but was developed for testing and learning purposes, so make some tests before allowing Yahoo videos in a production environment.
  • I hope this version will be the last 1.7 version. I am focused in migrate my plugins to 1.8. New releases should have bug corrections only.
  • If you make some custom embed code, share with us!
  • @Ray: Your discussion is above me. But I will make a post to iZap and see if they understand this. They usually don't respond with new versions very quickly, so it appears I may have to stop using this plugin. Too sad. I understand it's not your problem. I'll post to iZap now and see where it goes.

  • @Ron: Dont worry. I made contact with IZap too. Keep looking for new releases here, ok?

  • @Ray: Most excellent. I am eager to learn about any fix. I love this plugin. It's one of our most valuable, so I'd love to see it working perfectly.

    I'm back in the office now, so if there is anything I can help with, I'll be happy to.

  • El servicio es www.elserver.com (grid 2)

    Y la prueba la hice con los que vienen en elgg 1.8 (sin los de twitter)

    La semana que viene instalo una nueva para testear, y te paso todos los datos y contraseña de admin (elgg y ftp)

    Es un muy buen plugins, hasta donde vi no entiendo la lentitud...


    The service is www.elserver.com (grid 2)

    And I did the test with those who come in elgg 1.8 (without twitter)

    Next week to install a new test, and you pass all the data and password admin

    It's a very good plugins, to where I do not understand the slow ...

  • I'm very interested in a Elgg compatible version of this plugin, how much time should I wiat for it :D?

  • How can I embed videos in plugin "News"?

    is a plugin similar like blogs, but only the admin can write notices.


  • @Gastre: Only in core plugins. Give me the URL of "news" plugin and I can try to add support for it.

  • @Ray: I assume you have heard nothing from iZap about the problem. I have heard nothing. Since it's looking like there will be no fix for this problem in the near future would you know of a hack that I could do to fix it, at least temporarily?

  • @ Ron and Ray: izap_videos does filter out some tags via $CONFIG->htmlawed_config in its start.php. It might help to add some relevant tags to the list of allowed tags here to avoid the conflict between the two plugins.

  • @ Ray and iionly: Ray, I don't know what iionly said. Does it help you to understand how to fix the problem? It's beyond me.

  • @Ron: You can remove some filters in IZap, like iionly said. But I cannot support a plugin from another developer. For now, keep in mind that IZap and embed_extender cannot coexist.

    @Gastre: Thanks, I will check, ok?

  • @Ray J: Thank you. I understand. For us, sadly, iZap takes priority over this plug in, although I realllllllllly, reallllllllllly wish we could use both. I'll have to remove Embeded Entender so if any any time in the future both plugins can play friendly with each other, I'd appreciate a bold notice. I'll jump back on board immediately. 

  • @Ron: A videblog plugin is on my plans. Maybe we can help you in the future.

  • @Ray: That would be great, especially if current iZap videos (at least urls) could be imported without any loss. Our users would be unhappy to lose their videos if we were to do away with iZap, which we'd have no problem doing, since they haven't been too supportive. Sounds good.

  • @Ron, test with Izap Versión: 3.81b

    I have this and haven't got any problem.

    With this versión don't need a bridge plugin!!!.

  • @gastre: Thanks I'll try that, but if I remember properly we lose some functions by stepping backwards, so I doubt it's the best solution. Guess we'll have to weigh the possibilities.  Thanks again.

  • @Ray: I'm curious, how come Embed Video does not have this problem and how come it only happens with certain browsers? Excuse my ignorance of your prior explanations, maybe you could explain it in a layman's terms. Or, just tell me to get smarter. In any case, thanks for all your hard work and elgg support.

  • Thanks for you hard work with this module. I've read through these pages, and while I understand that it is intentional that the embeds don't appear in the activity feed, I would like to include this feature, as in my experience using fb people usually just paste the youtube.com link and a few words like "OMG this is funny", if they type anything at all. I have the wire set to 200, and if they type too much, they'll just learn next time they cant type that much or it gets cut off. :-)

    I tried Mariano's mod earlier, but nothing changed. Not sure if it has to do with the specific naming functions or something. I'm pretty good at drupal, but this is my first project with elgg. I've foregone the message boards in the hopes of using "the wire" for everything public coupled with likes and comments, and @mention tagging when you want to "write on someone's wall"...more of a twitter-like approach. Seems...cleaner to me. I would like to have youtube/etc. links embed correctly in the activity feed specifically for this reason as I plan on removing direct access to thewire pages somehow (as I don't see the point of it solo and would prefer to use activity because it is more flexible and includes everything and can display a specific user's activity on their profile page, similar to fb).

    I appreciate your help and once I get this implemented fully I'll add a contrib for Chinese Youku.com and possibly Tudou/Ku6 and others (sometimes people here in Taiwan can only find videos on those awful sites because youtube removes karaoke videos if the record company reports it. Taiwanese always post karaoke videos on fb). I would prefer for people to not click off my site to watch a video.

  • youtu.be shortened videos are not being embed, do you know why? Using elgg

  • I am a bit busy right now, but I read all the feedback. Wait for some improvements soon. This plugin had a reception bigger than I expected.

  • Ray,

    I modified the custom.php file to work with youtu.be YouTube links. I just rewrote the yahoo code to make it work so it's not a ready to go thing as I was learning how you're doing it as I went. It does work. I would be glad to send you my modified custom.php. It would probably be good to include this in the regular code as well as the watch links since YouTube is now sharing with the youtu.be links.

    It's important for my application that I am able to embed reverbnation widgets. Have you given this any thought? They have many widgets and they are customizable. Then they provide embed code.


    You can see the widget block a little way down the right column.

    Perhaps I could check that the widget is from reverbnation and then pass the entire embed code along. I guess I would also have to devise a regular expression to detect each embed I wanted to support.

    Anyway thanks for the great plugin. I am new to elgg and I'm very interested in continuing to work with you on it.

    Hairy Larry






  • Ray,

    After sleeping on it I'm understanding the problem better and how to correctly use custom.php.

    I have a custom.php that works with both yahoo videos and youtu.be YouTube links.

    I am adding the ReverbNation widgets but I've had to use a kludge that is not a general solution. I couldn't get custom.php to work directly with the widgets so I'm hosting the widgets on my website and then using iframe to display the widgets on Elgg. I'm not sure why this is. It's not a problem for me because I can use the hosted widgets throughout my website but it is not a general solution for embed extender to allow anyone to post ReverbNation widgets.

    I would like to figure that one out too and I am happy to help add other embeds to custom.php.


    Hairy Larry

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