Embed Extender v1.7.4

Release Notes

  • Added a custom library, allowing to developers create customized embed code. It´s useful to embed local content providers and formats still not supported by the official plugin. In the custom library I put a code allowing the embedding of Yahoo Videos. The code works fine, but was developed for testing and learning purposes, so make some tests before allowing Yahoo videos in a production environment.
  • I hope this version will be the last 1.7 version. I am focused in migrate my plugins to 1.8. New releases should have bug corrections only.
  • If you make some custom embed code, share with us!
  • @Ron: Thans for your advice. I will install IZap and make some tests.

  • * What is 'one of the most valuable plugins..' ?
    * 'Standard' Elgg... plugin ? whatcha mean ? PlugIns are there to use.
       Being part of "standarad plugins' won't change much.
    * 'Same thing with Audio' - do you mean a la EmbedX ?
       Can do - Just need list of Host Sites to hook into.
       and also there is thingy called 'OEmbed' Open Embd for embeding Media
       -- Google that for a quick intro.
    Your 'spaghetti text' issue = most likely conflict with
       Views Override/Extend between the two; and maybe
       browsers' rendering of the generated mish-mashed Text/HTML.

  • @RayJ Amigo! Cruzamos nossos comentários;-) LOLZ ;o;O:D

  • <What is 'one of the most valuable plugins..> This one. That I know of, there is no other way to have videos displayed in content.

    <'Standard' Elgg... plugin ? whatcha mean ? PlugIns are there to use.> Not all plugins are supported long term. For us to use a plugin and then later try to update to a future elgg version but then find the plugin developer has moved on to bigger and better things, we are left out in the cold - for our company and users - that would be a very bad thing.

    <Same thing with Audio' - do you mean a la EmbedX>  Not really. I'd be mostly interested in being able to have an mp3 file play in content. Presently the only way to do this is through Files. Then if I link to that File in some other content, all that displays is the link. I want the audio player to display.  I do this all the time in our web sites, but when I try to insert the audio player (also iZap videos) in elgg, htmlaweb rips all the code out so that the player disappears.

    <is thingy called 'OEmbed' Open Embd for embeding Media> I looked into it. That is above my head for install in elgg.


  • "Developer has moved on.."
    -- Thats life, developers gotta live 9-5 too;
    As I've pointed B4.. Developers do not exist to satiate *all Elggsters' (demands) requirements..
    As you already know - 90% do *not give enuff support for Developers -- Just look at the PlugIn Recommend Counters ;-P A sad laugh... 
    ** Audio' - do you mean a la EmbedX ?  I can do - Just need list of Host Sites.
    OEmbed is (was?) latest gizmo API code std for Media. Almost all major Media Hosting Sites support that. Embedding MP3/Audio as EmbedX does ? I got the basic code to expand towards full-fledged PlugIn - but not enuff 'motivated' time to spare for developing.. what's an old dog to do ?


  • @Ron: I need your help. My plugin uses a library from cash´s embed_video plugin.

    Try to disable my plugin, enable cash´s version and try to embed a video. So come back and show me the results.

    I think that there is a problem between cash´s library and IZap. Waiting for your feedback.

    Ps.: Sorry for ask your help. I don't have IZap here and the "registration, download api and etc process" is a bit boring to me. :)

    Ps2.: You can download the cash´s version here: http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/384562/developer/costelloc/embed-video

  • @DhrupDeScoop I agree with you about what you say. I always have. And as you know I have claimed loudly that developers need to be paid to stick around. But I get yelled at when I talk like this, so I better shut up. But you need to realize that us users need to have the most reliable support we can get so that we too can exist long term - if not, then we don't need developers at all. It would appear to me that once some concept is blessed as "standard" that it will continue to be supported by elgg.org through out version development. Audio and Video are TODAY. The fact that we can't insert them in any and all elgg content is old time technology.

    **Audio**. There would not be any specific host site. It would be just like the "File Plugin" whereby we upload audio files and they play. I simply want to do the same thing in all content. Upload a file, just like uploading a picture, and then the file can play in a blog, or discussion, or any other content, just like it does in files.

  • @Ray: No problem. I'll be happy to help. I'll hop right on it and get back to you.

  • What are your EmbedX Admin settngs for width & height ?

  • Kinda off the topic of this PlugIn, but..
    "...continue to be supported by elgg.org.." ?
    For Photos, Audio. Video ?
    Seems like blowing smoke in the dark,
    Pie in the Sky, wishful thinking... ;-P
    Some time ago, like 18 months back
    There was lengthy discussion on this --
    Files PlugIn intrinsically supporting all these funky mime types !
    And guess what the answer then was from CurveRider ?
    As I have always maintained - such support for Media should not
    Does not come from the Core Code from *any CMS's.
    It will always be 3rd Party PlugIns for Audio, Video,..
    The 'blessings' and ownership/support of (TidyPics, EmbedX,
    Embed Video, Embed Audio...) ? as many Elggsters have suggested,
    asked, pleaded for... The Core Devs have a Life too. There are no
    'Full-Time" Developers on Elgg doing our wanted-features bidding...;-)
    Anyways.. let's leave it that.. and get your funky text issue fixed !


  • @Dhrup: Not a problem with widht and height. It´s a problem with cash´s library AND IZap. But I need only a confirmation from Ron. Maybe I need to change cash´s library and break compatibily with their plugin. Hope I am wrong. :(

  • By the way, I can think in a audio player for embedX. Are there good audio providers around the internet?

  • @Ray: I don't know if this will help or not, but this is what I find...

    1) I install Cash's version.

    2) I disable yours.

    3) I install a video in Profile. The video appears. The TEXT DOES NOT APPEAR.

    4) I reenable your plugin. The Text appears on top of the video in content.

    5) I disable iZap. The Text disappears.

    In summary - it makes no difference if iZap is enabled or dis-enabled for Cash's video when installed in Profile. The text never appears. But it does for your video.

    Not sure if that's helpful or not.


  • <Seems like blowing smoke in the dark, Pie in the Sky, wishful thinking... > I just suggested it would be a nice thing to be able to have our elgg sites be compatible wth the rest of the world. Everyone else is going toward bigger pictures, better video and hotter audio. Hey, can't I wish?

  • @Ron: Thanks. I will make some tests and return with a solution.

  • Yo noto mucha diferencia de rendimiento con el plugins activo.

    Hoy instale elgg de cero, y probe con este plugins, baja mucho la velocidad, más si comenzas a tener actividad. :-(

    I notice much difference in performance with the active plugins.

    Today elgg install from scratch, and probe with this plugins, at a low speed, especially if you begin to have activity.

  • @Ron: Installed IZap here, enabled it and added some videos, enabled the IZap widget in my profile page and added videos using my EmbedX plugin. In windows using Firefox 7.01 and Internet Explorer 8 I can´t see the error.

    The "#embedvideoembed_4e930780a430b" code is a stylesheet created for each video. The complete code you can see below:

    <style type="text/css">

            #embedvideoembed_4e9af26d671e2 {

              height: 224px;

              width: 265px;




    It´s innofensive and should not conflict with IZap. Can you send me more information? Did you see the problem with windows?
    Can you post a screen cap of your community with the code? I did intensive tests here, but I want your problem resolved. But I need to FIND the problem before. :)
    Ps.: Had you contacted IZap and asked for help? Maybe he can make some tests too.

  • @Antonio: I can make some tests here. Are you using a shared host? In hostgator, shared "premium" account, I did´t see no perfomarnce gaps. But I can study my code and try to do some improvements, since you are not the first one that complains about performance.

    Just give me more info about your site, plugins that you use and what your host provider.

  • @Ray: As mentioned, this problem does not happen with every browser and every computer combination. I have tested some and can narrow it down to two combitnations that I can prove out 100% of the time. I think I will have to do some more tests and document the combinations have the problem and those that don't. I understand that you can not fix the problem until you can see it.

    I'm a few hundred miles from my office right now and won't be back until late Monday, so I won't be able to do any more tests until next Tue.

    When I tested with windows, I did not see the problem, but there I was using an old version of explorer. I'll have to do some further tests with newer versions to give you more specifica data.

    I will message you my test site and a login so that you can try it out on my site. I can display the text 100% of the time with a certain browser/computer combo. Others, not. Maybe you can try a few things there.

  • @Ron: Good news and bad news. I saw your test site and know WHY the problem occur, but I dont know how to correct this for now.

    Take a look in this code:

          <style type="text/css">
            #embedvideoembed_4e9b170600a27 {
              height: 325px;
              width: 400px;

    As you see, the "p" tag wasn´t closed properly. We need only know the reason. Could be a problem with my plugin, with IZap plugin, with your theme.... I will make some tests, but the solution is near.

  • @Ron: The problem is with IZap in conjuction with plugin.

    IZap parses the low level view "longtext" and do some html filtering using filter_tags function. In my test site, embeding videos in comments, the comment show only a URL in plain text, without embeding. It´s a true conflict.

    When I created my plugin, I took the care of extend only the views I need (generic/comment, blog/post, etc...), because extending the "longtext" view could affect other plugins. I still need to do some tests, but the problem is a conflict between our parser and IZap parsing the "longtext" view.

    Sorry about the technical explanation, but I hope that others developers can help us.

  • @Ray @Ron - I've been following your conversation and the progress you're making on this plugin. Good work. I agree this functionality is much needed. I apologize for the 'off topic' nature of this post - but would love to get your (collective) opinion on required / preferred size options when embedding video (and other media types). Also, do the size requirements follow the media format (standard vs. hd)? I've been working with elgg's ecml plugin and am just now working on embed size options. Any insight you can give me is appreciated.

  • @Ray  Ah, ha. I'm not nuts!!  Glad you could verify the problem and best yet know a heck of a lot more than I do. I look forward to hearing your adventure in finding the solution and I'll be happy  to help in any way I can.

    @Brian I really don't understand what you are asking. When I insert pics into content, I like it as large as reasonable and then size to fit the content's subject. I love it that this plug-in allows us to size the video in this way.

  • @Brian: The user must choose the size of embebed content. Period. ELGG supports theming, so the plugins must be flexible to fit theme´s standards.

  • @Ron: But we have a problem. The problem is, I think, with IZap´s. IZap strips some content, removing html tags in the "longtext" view. This approach can affect a lot of plugins. I recommend you to show this issue to IZap creator. I don´t see, for now, a solution in my code. Maybe some weird code hack, but I don't know how to resolve this issue for now.

    I repeat: Extend the "longtext" view is not a good approach. You loose control of embeded content, because this view is used in 99% of the site.

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