Embed Extender v1.7.3

Release Notes

  • Code refactored to better comply ELGG standards
  • Better formatting of embed videos in The Wire widget (Thanks to Gillie for the code)
  • Option to enable/disable embedding in every object supported by the plugin
  • Since the plugin makes changes in stylesheets, you must do a upgrade.php after updating the plugin.
  • Major release, guys. Hope you like. As always, send some feedback and help me to improve the plugin.

  • @Ray J - Thanks, really like the new admin setting options. Works like a charm :-)

  • Thanks for the plugin Ray J, works great without delays or errors! As a possible improvement, if you could do that embed the most common image formats as jpg, png or gif would be quite extraordinary!

  • @Gillie: Thanks, gillie. I will upload the plugin in google code soon. Will be easier to do send patches, like you did.

    @Adminer: Not a bad idea. Maybe flickr and direct image embedding.

  • @Ray J: Thanks again.  I also like the settings.

    youtu.be (short link) doesn't look ready yet, but hey that's okay.  Bookmarks, too, please. :)

  • @angrycdn: It´s impossible to support bookmarks without changing the views. And my approach is keep the layout untouched, just embedding content. But a videolist plugin is in my roadmap.

  • @Ray J, I'm just happy to have a video embed, because I don't like having to press the back button everytime I click on a video link (or external link).  For some reason, target=_blank doesn't work for me.

    You had mentioned earlier that the embed could be in the description of the bookmark.  Is that still possible? But a videolist plugin would be great alternative.

    thanks again. 

  • @angrycdn: Yes, it´s possible. I think that the feature is out of context, since the URLs must be typed in URL field. But, yes, I can embed videos in Bookmark description.

    I will make some tests and think about.

  • @gillie yeah, did not work for me in 1.7.11 but have not tried with 1.8.01. Yet.

  • @gillie.  Okay, I've tested target-blank on 1.8.01...and...it works. :).  And it is compatible with embed extender also.

    I must have had an incompatible plugin or had corrupted my copy of 1.7.11.


  • Videos in pages doesnt show up in activities but videos in comments does :(


  • this plugin doesn't work on blogs on my site. i have 1.7.10. It's also slowing my site down when it's enabled

  • @Cabotine: I didn´t understood.

    @Rohonupe99: What is you hosting? I dont think in slowdowns, because the code is very lightweight. Did you saved the plugin settings? You must enable blog support.

  • How to make it compatible to v 1.8.01?

  • I have my site on a dedicated server. my site loads like 5 seconds slower when this is enabled. I've saved the blog settings on the plugin admin page. It's working for the wire, message board, but not the blog. when i post a blog with the youtube url, the blog just shows with the url in it, not with the video embedded.

  • @Rohonupe99: Something is VERY wrong. I run in a cheap VPS without slowdowns. Maybe some plugin´s combination. I dont know.

  • ok @ Ray J. any idea of any plugins that might conflict with this and cause the slowing down issue?

  • @Rohonupe99: Hmmm... maybe another embeding plugin that extends the same views. But I dont know. Try to disable come content plugins and test again. I swear to you: My code is very simple and lightweight. It hooks a view, parses the URLs and embed the code. Simple and fast.

  • Hi Ray J and all others in this great community,

    Nice plugin, really simplifies adding video.  I was wondering if you (or someone else) could help me with one issue....  I've had the character limit for the Riverdashboard (Activity Feed) & The Wire set at 450 for some time now.  Is there a way to allow the embedded video player to display in the Activity Feed opposed to a text link, example:


    I'm open to suggestions on how to eleminate embedded video from posting in the Activity feed altogether to resovle this issue.  video could still be added to the Activity Feed via iZAP so it's not a big deal. 



    Riverdashboard Reloaded (latest):
    Replace the default dashboard with this activity river? (No)
    Display the wire? (Yes)

    Please note, I'm still new at all this, but I can handle the basics with a little detail.

    Thank you

  • @Urbane: In our plugin is impossible to show the video in riverdashboard. IZap and others can do that because they have a specific field to input the URL. My plugin parses all the content, extract the urls and embed the videos. I am planning a specific videoblog plugin, but, for now, embed_extend can´t show itens in the river.

  • Hi Ray J,

    Thanks for the quick response.  The plug-in is still a big leap.  Thanks for the contribution.

  • @RHN99:
    Just disable *all non-core plugins and maybe some unneeded core ones too..
    then try EmbedX.
    River items are listed by Core Code which fetches an object "view"
    *not a real view view - given by individual PlugIns to handle their
    own River items.  EmbedX does not have any views --
    Just hooks into other real views, not the object views..
    That is why it cannot be done unless you want to code
    maybe some very messy stuff to detect and re-parse
    (knowing what to parse actually means ;)..

  • Hi DhrupDeScoop,

    Noted.  I'm still a long ways from coding anything, but I'm learning from the best... the members of this community, including you.


  • Hi!

    I downloaded the plugin and the videos are published in duplicate.

    How can i fix it?


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