[Elgg 1.7: Full age restriction checkbox] vr1

Release Notes

  • Just drop to the mod folder and enable it.
  • No guarantee of any kind that it works with any other 3rd party plugins.
  • The age check is currently configured to ask for confirmation of full age (18 years or older). You can change the question by simply modifing language/en.php.
  • can you add some screenshots???????

  • Nice plugin please add that user is male or female

  • A user should confirm being either male or female? :-)

    Seriously... My plugin doesn't save any information for later use. It just checks if the checkbox is checked and then either creates the account or not. If you want new users to provide their gender it would first require a new profile field to be added etc. You can create such a profile field already with the Profile Manager plugin. With this plugin you can also make this a required input field at account registration.

    Currently, I don't intend to add more to my plugin - mainly due to lack of time. But I guess it wouldn't be too much effort needed for you to merge the age check of my plugin with the Profile Manager plugin. Using both plugins separately seems not possible unfortunately.


  • Do you plan to make a 1.8 version of this?  Thanks so much!

  • @Frank, this plugin is working fine (in my case) on 1.8. Minor, if any, correction. Don't remember.

  • @Frank: a version for Elgg 1.8 is ready. I'll upload it separately to avoid a confusion with the Elgg version to be used. Check my plugins list to download it.

  • why don't you make it so when they try to join it says you have be what ever age eg you must at least be 10 - 15 and if they try to register again they can't register with the same ip address so it's safer for kids

  • if they put there real age in but there 2 old and they try to register agen they cant with there ip address

  • @Darwin: I don't understand your second idea. As there is no input field for the user to enter his real age there's no possibility to compare the real age with the age limitations and deny registration as a consequence. The "age validation" is more kind of a confirmation that the user has read that there is an age limit intended to be followed when joining the site. This is surely not a secure test - but the plugin is also very simple...

    Checking the IP address and blocking the registration if the same IP address has been used in a failed attempt before could be possible. But it surely can't block someone who really wants to register. With a new IP address / by using a proxy the IP check can be overcome. I might think about how such an IP check could be implemented nonetheless. I just can't promise a release in the early future as I lack of time unfortunately...

  • @iionly the second idea was part of the first idea i just forgot to put it in the first comment. And i know what you mean with the proxy and theres no real way to block proxy as there are way to many of them and yeah if you could do the ip check in the near future that would be awsome. depending if you have the time of course


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  • Updated: 2015-2-12
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