[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: Extended TinyMCE] vr5

Release Notes


  • Merged the changes from Elgg 1.8.1 into this version of tinymce.
  • In Elgg 1.8.1 start.php of htmlawed is new! If you want to use the start.php for htmlawed included in the Extended TinyMCE plugin, please use start.php that comes with r5 with Elgg 1.8.1!! For Elgg < 1.8.1 use htmlawed of r4.

Install instructions:

  1. Disable the Elgg core tinymce plugin,
  2. Replace the tinymce folder in your mod directory with this tinymce folder,
  3. Replace start.php of the htmlawed plugin with the start.php file in the htmlawed subfolder in this plugin (the only difference is 'font-family' added in the allowed_styles array in line 96 to allow the use of different fonts in postings),
  4. Enable the tinymce plugin again,
  5. Execute the upgrade.php script, i.e. call http://<yoursite.domain>/upgrade.php in your browser.
  • @ iionly good work.One suggestion. Include the circuit theme for tinymce. The layout will look more polished.

  • @coolsam001: thanks. I will take a look at this theme. Maybe I'll include it in the next release (even if not as default maybe at least in the archive).

  • @ iionly. you can see the circuit theme screenshot of my plugin for 1.7. Can i release your plugin with circuit theme enabled and support for indian languages. I have already made one plugin but when i compared to your plugin you also have htmlawed plugin. can you explain me why you have added this plugin. I am also trying for the phpimageupload feature but with little success. If that feature is implemented then tinymce will surely be the coolest editor.

  • @coolsam001: I've already downloaded the circuit theme after you had mentioned it. Next release might include it (I've not tested it yet...). If you want to, you can release a version with indian languages support. The htmlawed start.php I've included only has one more allowed style tag ('font-family') defined compated to Elgg's default htmlawed. This is necessary to use the different fonts from the font family dropdown selection of the extended tinymce plugin. Otherwise, the postings will show with Elgg's default font after saving. The bundled Elgg tinymce has no option to use different font families. Therefore, this tag was not necessary to be included in the default htmlawed config.

    I've not heard about phpimageupload before. Is this a tinymce plugin? If it's necessary within Elgg is maybe the question. After all you can upload images within Elgg with the embed plugin, too.

  • @ iionly. thanks for your reply. i am sorry it is phpimage not phpimageupload and yes it is a third party plugin. Anyways you gave the answer "embed" for elgg. I will be doing some more tests and then will be releasing the plugin.

  • @iionly - it might be a good idea to also be looking at CKEditor/ CLEditor replacements for TinyMCE as was discussed before on another topic ;-) CKE particularly looks rather good, and features such as image uploads are builtin and pretty thoroughly implemented in there.

    @coolsam - what on earth is TinyMce/PhpImage Plugin ? I cannot find any references @google. Elgg's embed work pretty very well..


  • @DrupDeScoop As i mentioned previously that it is a third party plugin so you will not find it's reference in tinymce original site. And it exists on this earth on sourceforge. Here it is



  • ThX;-oO   I did search lots b4 lolz ;-)

  • ps: much as i thot alternative CKE might be cooler - a client hated when they tested it and went right back to *plain tinymce ;-O + embed !

  • What a great plugin.  Beautiful


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-4-5
  • Downloads: 23215
  • Recommendations: 52

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