[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: Extended TinyMCE] vr19

Release Notes


  • Upgraded to TinyMCE version 3.5.8,
  • Removed Circuit skin (because it wasn't updated since 18 months) and switched to bundled o2k7(silver) skin.
  • Thanks! A dumb question: How can I insert an image which resides on my PC? It asks for URL. Is not possible to browse and insert? Thanks

  • @Selen: you can't upload images from your PC with the "Insert/edit image" option of the TinyMCE editor. You can only select images to be embedded in a posting that are already available on the Internet (or your Elgg site) by entering the URL. The problem is that while there is a FileUploader available for TinyMCE that you would need to configure the server to be able to use it and additionally it would not take into account any Elgg access level settings. Instead of uploading images with the TinyMCE editor directly you can upload them using Elgg's bundled embed plugin. You can start the upload dialog via the "Embed content" link in the upper right corner of the editor (the embed and file plugins needs to be enabled for the link to appear). You can select any image to be uploaded from your PC. The images will be saved to the files section on your site. Any images you upload or have previously uploaded can then be selected to be embedded in your posting.

    If you have already images uploaded to the files section (or uploaded them with the Tidypics plugin) you can then also use the "Insert/edit image" option of the TinyMCE editor. You only need to copy+paste the URL of the corresponding image (full view URL of this image) into the URL input field in the dialog and it will be inserted in the posting.

  • @iionly  Thanks very much for info. Thanks!

  • @@ iionly .. Is there any way to insert image in the blog either from any Editor or any other way..

  • @saurabh: I just explained how to embed images in blogs (or anywhere else the TinyMCE editor is used) in my last comment above.

    If you are asking if it's possible to insert images from an editor that runs locally on your computer by simply using copy+paste, the answer is: no, this is not possible. It might have worked in the past but it's no longer possible due to security reasons. And apart from security: would you really want to blow up your database by including encrypted image data in your database? Seems a much better solution to simply upload the images the normal way (saving the files in the data directory) and then just embed them in a posting.

  • hello

    iionly thanks for plugin

    when we open any place where to right text etc in extended tinyMCE default is extended tinyMCE (editor) is included and to remove editor we have to click on remove editor link in corner

    I want to change it when we open any comment, page, blog, to add text, editor should not be included I mean simple editor should be there and and user have to choose extended editor if he need

    simply defaul editor should be simple not extended

    please help

    Extended TinyMCE 3.5.8

  • @shehbaz: I've tried to get it working, i.e. the simple input field to show up after page loading instead of the tinymce editor. Unfortunately, I've not get it working. Maybe it's not as simple to achieve it - or it is simple but I don't know how...

    I managed to switch to the basic input field after the page has loaded but the toggle link still showed "Remove editor". This might have been only a little issue alone but unfortunately, the tinymce editor option did not fully load anymore whenever you toggled between basic input and full editor.

    I guess I'm lacking the necessary knowledge in jQuery / Javascript to tell you how you can achieve what you are looking for. I would suggest to start a discussion thread here at the site asking how to get it working that the editor gets removed immediately after page load to show the basic longtext input field by default. The extended_tinymce plugin would handle this in exactly the same way as the normal tinymce plugin that is bundled with Elgg. So, you might get some instructions from someone to modify the tinymce editor plugin code accordingly.

  • @iionly: Thank you for this great plugin.

    I'm wondering that how i can have some buttons for creating Math equations, graph,...? 


  • @BillDre: well, I would have suggested the mathjax plugin for math equations, but you seem to have found that already (http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1201913/how-to-insert-a-button-in-the-tinymce-editor-for-creating-math-equations-graph). I can't go into details regarding how to install the tinymce plugins you listed in your linkeddiscussion topic. Generally, you would need to add the plugin files / the plugin's folder(s) to extended_tinymce/vendor/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins and then configure the init function in extended_tinymce/views/default/js/extended_tinymce.php accordingly. To cofigure the init you would need to add the plugin(s) to the list of plugins loaded:

    plugins : "lists,autosave,fullscreen,style,table,advhr,advimage,emotions,inlinepopups,insertdatetime,preview,media,searchreplace,print,contextmenu,paste,directionality,noneditable,visualchars,nonbreaking,xhtmlxtras",

    and you might need to add the buttons of the math plugin to the button toolbar(s), e.g. theme_advanced_buttons3. On http://www.codecogs.com/latex/integration/tinymce/install.php this seems to be described for this math plugins. For the others it most likely works similarly. Although, I can't tell you if these math plugins are compatible with the most current release of the Tinymce plugin (or Elgg in general). You would need to test this first.

  • @chicken: does it work after flushing the site cache? Or after emptying the browser cache? Both things should normally not be necessary though. If it still does not work it might be some conflict with another plugin.


  • @chicken: ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass da ein anderes Plugin dazwischenfunkt. Ich kann Dir per Ferndiagnose leider nicht sagen, welches dass sein könnte.

  • maybe dumb question, but how is spell check supposed to work? I have extended_tinymce running, but there are no spell check options, and it does not mark or warn incorrect words

  • I haven't used this plugin, but the other plugin I have that enables browser spell check in tinyMCE has no settings, it's either on or off.  It also depends on what browser you're using as to whether it's even supported.

    In FF you get the red squiggly line under unrecognized words.  You can turn on the spell check manually by right clicking and selecting it, but setting that option in tinyMCE makes it automatic.

  • If I were getting the browser indicators from firefox or chrome, in the editior, I would not have installed this plugin. I do not get any indication from the browsers built-in spell check, in the standard tinymce editor.

    I get no indication with this extended-tinymce either. I am looking for how to get it working. There are no options in right click to turn on or off. Highlighting words and right clicking shows no context menu for spell check there either

  • Then it sounds like an issue with your browser settings.  Even here on the community where I don't think it's enabled by default I get context menus for spell checking when I right-click.

  • @Matt: I think the spellchecker feature you are referring to is the spell-checker option built-in browsers, for example in FF. This has NOTHING to do with the Tinymce editor. To enable the browser spell-checker option you would need to configure / enable it in the browser's settings. If you use the browser spell-checker option it will check your spelling on any website - not only on Elgg sites in Tinymce editor text fields. Though you might need to define the language of the text your enter in your browser settings, too, or FF (ot whatever browser you use) most likely will underline ALL text you entered...

    @ɥɔuıɹƃ lɐʇıƃıp: the spellchecker plugin that is included in the Tinymce editor of the Extended Tinymce plugin is not enabled - and I don't think I mentioned anywhere it is. You would need to add the "spellchecker" plugin to the list of plugins to be used in extended_tinymce/views/default/js/extended_tinymce.php in the init function and also make some more spellchecker plugin-specific changes. The spellchecker plugin is not enabled intentionally as you would most likely also need to make some changes on your server to be able to use it properly. More information about that here: http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/Plugin:spellchecker.

  • I have spell checking enabled in the browser but neither of these tinyMCE's work with it, so this plugin does not solve the issue.

    There is no official spell checking for tinyMCE, and the editor does not work with browsers' spell checkers. Anyone else see the problem here?

  • http://community.elgg.org/plugins/843604/1.0/ufcoe-tinymce-options-18

    Look at the first screenshot - you can enable/disable browser based spell checkers.  I use it all the time.

  • tinyMCE prevents spell check

    Really appreciate that other plugin. Looked promising. Sad that someone has to create a plugin that we then have to run in order to prevent tinyMCE from fubaring spellcheck, because tinyMCE provides none and blocks others from operating normally.

    Unfortunately, the plugin did not work. You can see from the screenshot that incorrect words are not highlighted with the normal red squiggly underline

    Is there a reason tinyMCE was chosen by devs in leiu of something that actually works?

  • @ɥɔuıɹƃ lɐʇıƃıp:

    Is there a reason tinyMCE was chosen by devs in leiu of something that actually works?

    Actually, you are the first to mention that there is a problem with browser based spell-checking not working with default Tinymce configuration. If people are not aware of that something is not working they surely won't think about fixing it in the first place. Do YOU have any better alternative that is fully working? And btw Elgg 1.9 will come with another bundled editor. But please don't ask me if spell-checking will work better out-of-the-box then...

    Indeed, I could reproduce the issue in the meantime. If you add the "spellchecker" tinymce plugin to the list of plugins loaded at tinymce editor init then it works though. But maybe there are other issues with other tinymce plugins when you enable the spellchecker plugin. After all there might be a reason why the spellchecker plugin is not commonly used.

  • This is clearly not related to your plugin anymore, it is about problems with tinyMCE in general. If you feel it is appropriate for me to make a new thred for this, I will leave your plugin thread alone. I am glad you are discussing it with me though.

    Since someone already made a plugin to re-enable browser based spell check, because tinyMCE disables it, I find it difficult to understand how I am the first person to realize there was a problem. That plugin author realized tinyMCE problems back on 2012-11-27

    The better alternative you asked me for would be any working editor. Examples would be MarkItUp, Lightweight RTE, HTML Box. There are quite a few editors on this page that do not inhibit existing working spell check, like tinyMCE does. http://www.queness.com/post/212/10-jquery-and-non-jquery-javascript-rich-text-editors Many are GPLv2 or other similar GPL like licenses. I do not know the requirements for an elgg editor, I just know that other software works, and tinyMCE does not.

    tinyMCE does NOT have officially supported spell check. That speaks volumes to me about how unconfident those devs are. Not even the people who wrote it think it will work well or work without issue. Why this program was then chosen for use in Elgg is beyond my comprehension, and was the root of my earlier question

  • Actually, I'm really not in the mood anymore to discuss this any further. I don't know why Tinymce was chosen for Elgg in the beginning. Maybe, it was the best alternative back then, maybe it was just the preference of the original Elgg developer back then. Maybe even the spell-check worked fine back then.

    I got the spell-check working in the Extended_tinymce plugin by adding the tinymce spellchecker plugin to the list of plugins in the init function. That's the only thing I can say right now.

    You can add a new discusstion thread if you feel to discuss this any further. And if you want to contribute to the further development of Elgg you might even want to test the current Elgg 1.9 development tree at github. The Tinymce plugin has been replaced by the CKeditor and maybe browser-based spell-checking works out-of-the-box with this new editor. If not, you could at least point this issue out right now before Elgg 1.9 is final and this problem can then be dealt with.

  • @ɥɔuıɹƃ lɐʇıƃıp


    But the default TinyMCE spell check (using the built-in browser based spellcheck?) works for me in Firefox 19.0.2 although I need to manually right click and then select "check spelling".  It is not automatic.  I also have in about:config "layout.spellcheckDefault" set to "2".  I'm looking at red squiggly lines right now and on another elgg site with the default TinyMCE and I haven't installed "UFCOE TinyMCE Options" nor made any other related mod yet (i.e. settings.gecko_spellcheck = true;).

  • It's the browsers spell check. The reason why it works with Elgg's default tinymce plugin is that the tinymce spellchecker plugin is included in the list of plugins in tinymce's init functions. The reason why the spell-check does not happen automatically might be because gecko_spellcheck = false is tinymce's default, so you need to enable the spell checking for the text field via FF's context menu.

  • Is it possible that the editor is disabled by default?



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