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Release Notes

  • Updated to Tinymce version 4.1.7.
  • When I create tables with TinyMCE's table plugin and edit the border size in Table Properties, it displays fine on the tinymce editor, but then gets ignored once I save and view the page. Also I can't manage to get styles attached to tables either...

  • @Darth Vader Might be that the htmlawed plugin filters out the tags for table style and table borders (which would be a table style itself). I have to admit that I never tested it. Other possibility could be Tinymce filtering out the styles itself (not defined as valid elements).

    I'll have to test it out for myself.

  • @Darth Vader Update (unfortunately not a solution)... The problem is not due to filtering (htmlawed or tinymce) - at least not for all elements (e.g. border-color was filtered out by htmlawed but it can be prevented to be filtered by adding it as allowed element in start.php of extended_tinymce though this will not help much either). For example border and background-color elements are still there when editing an existing entry which means that they don't get filtered out. The reason why the border style (and other table properties) do not get displayed on the site is likely due to the html5 standard dropping support of these elements. Instead of defining the table layout by these elements the supported approach is now via CSS. Elgg's CSS defines the look in it's table class and these settings override anything defined on a per posting level. Unfortunately, it seems this makes the options offered by tinymce to define a table layout rather useless. It might be possible to add some pre-defined table layouts (specific table classes in CSS) that a user can select but I've never tried this so far and therefore can't give a working example at the moment. But it seems quite impossible for a user to freely define a table layout himself.

  • Thanks for checking into the problem. It would be more than enough if there would be a way for the admin to set a default layout for the table borders or edit some piece of code somewhere (that bypasses the tinymce table layout).

  • iionly,

    I want to use this editor but need the justboil.me image upload added to the toolbar. I have managed to add the plugin and the button to the toolbar. When I click to upload it goes through the motions and then times out.

    Looking at the justboil.me docs I changed the them to advanced but then the edit box does not show at all.

    Is there a way to get the justboil.me plugin working on this editor ?


  • @StampStudy How to add image upload functionality to Tinymce had been discussed for example at https://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1577639/how-do-you-upload-images-directly-into-tinymce (where I even suggested the use of the justboil.me plugin for Tinymce).

    As far as I remember, you need to create an upload directory (within the document root directory of your server) and give this directory suitable read/write/access permissions. Problem is that this is very likely not really secure as anyone knowing the path of this directory would be able to access the images directly. There's no Elgg controlled access restrictions possible.

    After creating the upload directory you need to configure the justboil.me settings in the settings file within the justboil.me plugin directory. It's at least necessary to provide the path to the upload directory.

    In principle, you could also restrict the access to the upload directory (.htaccess password restriction). I think this is described on the justboil.me site.

  • @iionly - thank you for your prompt response. I have gone through the steps and have successfully added the button, created the upload folder and configured it. I must be missing something - will start with a fresh plugin install and see where I went wrong. The only thing different that the justboil.me site suggests is that the theme must be set to advanced.

    If I am successful I will add the steps here.

  • Ok I have it working :

    1. Download plugin from justboil.me
    2. Rename plugin folder to jbimages
    3. Copy the jbimages folder to \extended_tinymce\vendor\tinymce\js\tinymce\plugins
    4. edit \extended_tinymce\views\default\extended_tinymce\init.php
    5. add jbimages to plugins and toolbar (select where you want the button on the toolbar
    6. Create "images" folder in your web root and set permissions. If you want this folder in another location edit the \extended_tinymce\vendor\tinymce\js\tinymce\plugins\jbimages\config.php file with the location.

    It works for me now - many thanks


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