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  • Any plan for rewriting for 1.8?

  • IN has SMS free gateways available - I saw posted somewhere... Also many Mobile vendors have SMS/EMail gateways which allow sending SMS to EMail addresses @Vendor.Com

  • DDS: Could you please enlighten me on this further? :)


  • You'll have to search here or google - b/c I 1/2 remember someone posting here re: SMS that IN had some free service(s) -- you register there and and can use their API for IN only SMS. Sanu (WebGalli/PlugInGalaxy - all same PPPL;) should know more details, since he uses (IN) SMS on his M4Medicine/WebGalli site. Google Voice has SMS API - but only for US numbers ;-( My Mobile vendor will forward 'EMails' sent to to the (via their SMS EMail Gateway) Mobile number 8041231234 ;-) I have a list of such EMail Gateway node numbers stuck somewhere.. If you're catching the drift and wanna try/test. Also browse @ 3-years old Topic ;-) And enjoy..;-oO;X;P

  • Thanks for the info. Let me get a Ph.D in it by doing a google research. :)

  • @DDS: Have a quick look on the thread. It seems that there no plugins for SMS in ELGG.

  • which thread ? i didn't say there's existing sms plugin ;-)

  • There has been more than one SMS plugin for Elgg, in fact one curverider wrote that was never open sourced was still supported last time i checked with core hooks.


  • @BMan:

    Apologies ;-) I did not remember=-> Westor (Torsten) does have PlugIn Westor's Elgg Manager that handles (outgoing only I think) SMS for Elgg site members. Westor also used a 3rd party SMS Service - as did CurveRider did with their (closed) PlugIn.

    Marcus Povey (one of the previous Elgg Top Guys - some kinda genius, no idle statement - I researched into his background and CompSci work - before he left for his own techie directions) did some post comments on that now quite old-like thread(s) pointing to the use of an outside SMS Service's + APIs as easiest option -- when so many peope had been hankering for "SMS" on Elgg ;-)

    I think maybe there were two lengthy threads on SMS for Elgg -- one which I had started (out of interest then).. but I kinda lost interest.. esp after I saw mi amigo Torsten put out his wunnerful smarty Elgg Manager, which handled SMS amongst many other funky functions.I am not aware of any other substantive SMS PugIns.

    This SmsCoin SMS 'PlugIn' looks like some kinda 'promo' thangy.. Their WebSite does not provide enough detailed information on actual $rates and service packages. I guess the basic service is (absolutely) free as the blurb at the top says ;)

    If someone has tried this SmsCoin PlugIn (only 112 downloads since 3 months back?;), registered and used -- maybe they can post some feedback here for the rest of us.

    For casual usage -- I would suggest hooking into the (free) SMS-EMail Gateways or (USA only) Google Voice SMS hookup - if they have not defunct'ed that service and APIs.

    The styled SMS forwarder I mentioned earlier above will work.

    Overall, I believe that coding some kinda outgoing SMS facility tagging along Elgg's typical Notification System - should not be a task of rocket science - just some TLC, dedicated, careful code work. Torsten might have developed (commercial) customizations for Elgg Manager - since there did seem to be a fair amount of interest in the SMS angle of his PligIn. but I do not know.. we've not been in touch much lately.

    I might be tempted to re-start some SMS PlugIn development - given time availability and enuff whining and bugging from my Site's (8-14 year old;) users. They already hit the Site with Mobiles even though there's no 'Mobile' views, not even Mark's Elgg Mobile PlugIn installed !


  • This SmsCoin SMS 'PlugIn' looks like some kinda 'promo' thangy.. Their WebSite does not provide enough detailed information on actual $rates and service packages. I guess the basic service is(absolutely) free as the blurb at the top says ;)


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  • This plugin and this website does not provide detailed info how to use this plugin.

  • This plugin and this website does not provide detailed info how to use this plugin.
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  • Thanks for the info. Hoping to have the 1.8 version of this plugin soon.

  • Does anyone know what Third Party SMS Server Westor uses for his very interesting Elgg Manager. I can't find any documentation on his Pro version which would enable more than 5 SMS messages which his Development Version limits one to.

    Does he interface with Clickatell, or perhaps Tropo??? for the actual SMS send application.

    Where's Westor's documentation. I could not find much and his downloaded info does not provide much on his SMS service.



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