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PHP MAiler Plugin Upgraded to elgg 1.8 version.

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This is an adaptation to elgg 1.8 of the plugin PHP Mailer by Cash ( Because i need a smtp plugin for elgg 1.8 i couldn't wait for an upgrade of this plugin and i've made the upgrade by myself ;).

So the credits for this plugin are intact, all the credits are to Cash for make this. I've just only upgraded it.

Description taked from the original plugin:

Full description:


  • SMTP support - including authentication and SSL
  • HTML email
  • File attachments
  • BCCs
  • Additional functionality is easy to add using PHPmailer class

Summary: This plugin has the option to override the default elgg email notification handler and email sending code with PHPMailer. It currently provides support for using the php mail function or a smtp server. See the included readme.txt for more information.

Description: This plugin provides a wrapper to the PHPMailer class. PHPMailer is used by many open source projects including Wordpress and Joomla. The class provides the abaility to send mail through php's mail function, sendmail, qmail, and smtp. It supports html email, file attachments, and embedding images. See for more details. This plugin provides a simple wrapper around the PHPMailer class.

Installation: Unzip and place in mod directory. Activate through Tools Administration. There are admin settings for smtp and non-standard MTAs. There are further instructions in the readme.txt file.

SMTP: SMTP can be setup in the admin settings of the plugin.

Notes:Other plugins may have their own email sending code and will not use this plugin therefore.

Bug Reports: Please post them in the comments along with any related error message in your server error log. If you did not read the readme file or check your error log, I am much less likely to spend time giving you support.


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 3377
  • Recommendations: 6

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