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Uploaded the version again, without the github files.

  • Hi Matt,

    I do use the 1.8 version of the plugin.

    Beside catching spam based on the stop forum spam database, it also identifies spam using the editable email-domain list.

    Unfortunately, it won't catch spam from email addresses that are using subdomains in their email-domain, such as: "all @ polucha14506 ."

    My question is, if a newer plugin version will be able to catch registering emails using subdomains inside the email-domain.

    Thanks for your help!

  • It should be catching any type of domain, anything after the '@' is being compared

  • It does catch everything that comes after the @-sign. That is not the problem. The spammer is constantly changing the subdomain-part of the email domain. So whatever I put into the list of email-domains, it will never be used again.

    "all @ polucha14506 ."

    • the email name (in this case "all") is irrelevant.
    • @ (this is where the expression gets split)
    • "polucha14506" is the subdomain-part of the email address - the spammer is constantly changing this string. (There are, literally, hundreds and thousands of them.)
    • "." the colon divides the subdomain from the domain part.
    • "" is the email-domain (containing the domain name and the top-level-domain separated by a colon). This part stays constant.

    You see, I will only get a match, if the spammer is using the same subdomain part again. Which never happened twice.

    The evaluation of the email domain string applies to the whole string. That's the reason, why it isn't helping me weed out the spam.

    If the complere string includes more than one colon "." (the very last one is used between the top-level domain and the domain name), it should only evaluate the string after the second-last ".", because this is where the constant domain name starts.

  • Ah, I see, I misunderstood.  That will be added to the next version.

  • Install spam login filter 60% user stoped, even though i got so much of users daily. I read a blog and telling to rename the field names like this

     name as prefix_n
     username as prefix_un
     email as prefix_em
     password as prefix_pas1
     password as prefix_pass2

     this will work?


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