Spam Login Filter v1.8.3

Release Notes

Resolved issue with "report as spammer" feature.

Resolved issue with special character in english translation, thanks to bhgraham.

  • I really like the plug in- saving me from lots of spam. But I'm getting a lot of false positives also - and when checking to see if they are listed (ususally the falsies are from fassim) they aren't listed there at all. How does this happen and how do I fix it?


  • A followup I just emailed Kevin O'Neil and he tried to get through my site and was reported as spam as well. He thinks there is an issue with the plugin.

    "I just tried to register and it said my site was blacklisted at the top right. The issues that we have here is that we didn't write the Fassim plugin for ELGG, that was Ray over at the ELGG community.  It looks like there is something wrong with his plugin, making it appear like its our issue.  Our servers are reporting back FALSE.

    I would re-download the plugin from the community and try to reinstall, if there's a flush lists option, I would do that also."


  • I will check if there is a issue with fassim.

    For now, disable fassim integration in plugin´s settings.

  • @michelle: You can remove your reports in stopforumspam´s site. Just login and look for "my spammers" or something like that.

  • Michelle, I will test the Fassim´s API, ok?

    And a new release is on the way.

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